Lansing Bike Accident Attorneys

Hiring a Lansing law firm like ours can make a huge difference when you want a legal case to go your way. Without a lawyer, you might prove susceptible to both procedural errors and intimidation from the counsel of either your no-fault insurance carrier or an at-fault party. In some scenarios, your case can get thrown out without a fair hearing. A qualified and experienced Lansing bike accident attorney from Michigan Injury Lawyers can ease your way through the legal system.

If you are looking for a Lansing bike accident attorney well versed in Michigan bicycle rules of the road and personal injury laws, contact us today to discuss your bicycle accident.

NOTE: As our state’s driver insurance reforms take effect, injured bicyclists will need a bicycle accident attorney, like those at Michigan Injury Lawyers, who understand how those new laws will apply to their situations. We’re ready to pursue compensation for our clients both now and under the new statutes.

When to Hire a Bike Injury Lawyer

If, in the course of riding your bike, you receive an injury because of an accident, you will need to hire a bike injury lawyer. That is if you have undergone severe injuries, and you are not the responsible party in the accident. When you hire an expert attorney in bike accident law, if necessary, the attorney will go before the court and advocate on your behalf. The attorney can also mediate with the other party in situations where a settlement agreement is possible.

Most injured bicyclists will probably not think about contacting an attorney immediately after they get into an accident. Getting in touch with a bike accident attorney as soon as you can is essential because the lawyer will make an assessment of the entire situation and act as per their findings. Initially, you might not be aware of the seriousness of your injuries.

Our attorneys have dealt with such cases before and have the experience to know what to do to promptly file your claim. Contacting a Lansing bike accident attorney at our firm will help you avoid the consequences of defending claims alone.

What to Expect After a Bike Accident

Long-term effects of bike accidents can be devastating, especially if the accident is severe. If injuries occur, there could be immediate and future costs as a result of the injuries. You might have broken bones, or soft tissue injuries. You could also have traumatic injuries, especially if they are brain injuries. Bike accidents can limit your walking ability and hamper your income-generating activities. You might also be unable to give routine care to your loved ones and might go through pain and suffering that extends over long periods. If you have a traumatic brain damage condition, you might be disabled temporarily or permanently.

Given the above observations, and the moment an accident occurs, bikers must take basic post-accident steps. Calling 911 is the best first action you should consider. Once you call the police, wait for them to get to the scene so that they can file a report. A police report would be very beneficial to your case even if you did not suffer any injuries. Give the police your account of the incident, and if you have minor or major injuries, let them know that as well.

Get the details of the driver and witnesses. The information should include all the names and the phone numbers of the driver and the witnesses. You should also get the license number and address of the driver. If you cannot do this due to severe injuries, get an onlooker to do it for you. Take photos of your bike and the car that was involved in the accident. Make sure you also take snaps of information that can get used as evidence at the scene. You also need to write down or record statements of the accident and then get in touch with a Lansing bike accident attorney who will discuss your case.

How Can Michigan Injury Lawyers Help You?

Once you contact Michigan Injury Lawyers, we will take the necessary steps to make sure you get appropriate compensation. It takes time to recover from bike accident injuries and you need money on a daily basis as you recover. One significant way that we at Michigan Injury Lawyers will help you is to assist you in determining what amount is fair given the depth of your injuries. Then we can file a claim for you, and a period of negotiations will follow.

Generally, out of court settlements are preferable because you can avoid having to face the individual responsible for causing your accident. Although our firm will present enough mitigating evidence to file a claim in court, insurance companies—whether your PIP carrier or another party’s—will try reducing the settlement as much as they can or attempt to push blame onto the victim. They will not agree to an amount you ask for but will always make counteroffers, which you can accept or deny depending on the circumstances.

At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we know how to negotiate with insurance companies and reach acceptable agreements. When that’s not possible, we fully prepare to go to court, if necessary.

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We are very reliable and have had the pleasure of helping many bike accident victims like you. Our knowledge of handling bike accidents will help us find the right solutions for you. We are capable of helping you file a claim that is strong and favorable for you. Call us at (517) 435-9370 or send us an email, and we will fight for the compensation that you deserve.