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It is hard to appreciate the severity of personal injuries unless we experience them. We can only speculate how much financial stress and physical burden one goes through until we have been through it. Then you have to worry about medical bills, out-of-pocket costs for things like medications, crutches, and transportation, and continuing therapy bills. Replacing income becomes a huge stressor that many are not prepared to face after an accident as well.

An accident can take a serious toll on one’s physical, mental, and financial health. Fortunately, that is what insurance is for. Unfortunately, insurance companies make it extremely difficult for claimants to recuperate enough compensation to cover the cost of all damages sustained during an accident. That is what our Lansing personal injury lawyers are for.

The personal injury attorneys at Michigan Injury Lawyers advocate on behalf of victims of accidents so that they may receive the compensation they need after a serious accident has rendered them injured and unable to work. If you have been involved in an accident in which you sustained serious injuries, contact our Lansing personal injury attorneys to talk with an attorney who can discuss your options.

Remember, according to Michigan Compiled Laws section 600.5805, you have a limited time to file your claim in court, so call us as soon as humanly possible to get your claim started.

NOTE: Michigan is preparing to overhaul the types of insurance that drivers can buy. If you’re suffering from car accident injuries, you will want a personal injury attorney at Michigan Injury Lawyers who can review your case in light of the evolving laws and whether they apply to your situation.

Helping You Recover Compensation for Your Losses in Lansing

Because insurance companies lose money every time a claimant is successful, they require individuals to jump through hoops and fill out stacks of paperwork to even file a personal injury claim. Adjusters are particularly hard on accident victims, and will downplay the severity of your claim regardless of how severe it really is.

From there, the insurance adjuster will open an investigation, in which everything from the claimant’s personal medical records to eyewitness statements will be examined and dissected for inconsistencies. Also, adjusters who work for third-parties may have special perks for downgrading your injury, which means you have to retain an attorney to level the playing field.

At the Michigan Injury Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers have successfully fought and negotiated with insurance companies on behalf of our clients for years. With extensive knowledge of Michigan personal injury law and several years of experience under our belts, we can ensure that your claim is not dismissed, and that you walk away with a fair and sizable settlement.

Statute of Limitations on a Personal Injury Claim in Michigan

In Michigan, as in all other 50 states, there is a statute of limitations on when you can file a personal injury claim. According to Michigan state law, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims is three years barring any unusual circumstances that may merit an extension.

Understand that personal injuries are often latent—meaning that an injured party does not notice signs or symptoms of an injury until months or years after the accident that caused the injuries. To accommodate for this, the statute of limitations period does not begin until the victim discovers, or should have reasonably discovered, his or her injuries.

Theories of Liability in Personal Injury Cases in Lansing

Though ourLansing personal injury lawyers generally deal with automobile and pedestrian accidents, Michigan state law covers several theories of liability for personal injury cases, which is best explained by an attorney.

The types of cases covered under Michigan personal injury code include:

  • Wrongful death: A wrongful death occurs when the liable party is responsible for the victim’s death. In a wrongful death claim, only dependent adults and minor children may recover damages.
  • Slip and fall cases: Slip-and-fall cases arise when an individual slips on another individual’s premises. Stores, malls, apartments and other areas where a duty to care exists are where claims often arise.
  • Vehicle accidents: Personal injury claims are more common in vehicular collisions than other accident types. From trucks to electric scooters, moving vehicles are susceptible to accidents every day in Lansing.
  • Medical negligence: Should a medical professional or their facility fail in their duty to care for you during routine surgeries, birthing, or have administered a fatal dose of medication in a reckless manner, you could have a case.
  • Product liability: Michigan is starting to see numerous cases where products are injuring the consumers instead of helping them. State law provides a two-step approach to products liability: 1) Whether or not the product meets the ordinary expectations of the consumer, and 2) Whether it walks through the risk/utility test determining the likelihood of injury and the existence of warnings.
  • Workers’ compensation: An individual may file a workers’ compensation claim if he or she is injured on the job while performing a job-related function. If the claimant is successful, the employer will be responsible for compensating the individual for his or her damages.

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At Michigan Injury Lawyers, our Michigan personal injury attorneys are committed to helping victims of car accidents and other personal injury accidents fight zealously for the compensation they deserve. We do our best to do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on healing and returning to work. Once you begin the recovery process, it is hard to earn money when your body is badly banged up.

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Do not let the insurer or negligent party bully you into taking a measly settlement that barely covers your ride to the hospital. We can file all necessary motions, subpoenas, and other relevant documents to make life easier for you. If you were seriously injured as a result of another person’s negligent behavior, contact our Lansing personal injury attorneys at 517-418-6927 or email us for your free consultation today.