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Across America, more than one million people will fall victim to a slip and fall injury this year. This may be at work, while shopping, or during a routine walk into an apartment building. This accident type accounts for about one million emergency room visits each year, with 17,000 people losing their lives to completely preventable slip, trip, and fall accidents.

When negligence plays an integral role in slips and falls, Michigan Injury Lawyers is there to hold the party accountable for causing pain, suffering, or death to you or your loved one in Lansing. We help people like you all year long, and would like to assist you with your claim.

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Delayed Effects Are Common in Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe bodily injury, including broken bones, sprained necks and severe back pain. An ambulance may need to take victims to local hospitals, where surgery and extensive physical therapy may heal these wounds.

Most injuries will have immediate effects. That means you will feel something, and pray the pain goes away.

But what happens when injuries aren’t immediately apparent? Delayed symptoms, particularly in deep tissue injuries or head trauma, can make an already bad situation progressively worse. Let’s see where delayed symptoms may appear, and what steps should be taken when pain appears without notice.

Types of Delayed Injuries

The most common delayed injuries persons involved in slip and fall accidents may experience include:

  • Soft tissue injuries. The adrenaline released during and after accidents may delay pain signals from damage to tendons, muscles, or ligaments. Whiplash is commonly associated with soft tissue injuries, and this painful condition may take longer to heal than deep tissue bruising or ligament damage.
  • Concussions. Disorientation victims experience is immediate when the skull sustains blunt-force trauma. The severity of concussions may later be noticeable by one’s inability to maintain balance, for one. Severe migraine-like headaches may develop over time, as will deeper confusion, loss of sleep and disorientation.

Internal bleeding, although life-threatening, may also have delayed effects. It’s important to recognize when your body isn’t acting properly since the sooner treatment is sought, the more likely doctors can potentially avert life-ending catastrophes.

Get Medical Treatment

Even if you’re positive nothing’s wrong, err on the side of caution by visiting the emergency room. X-rays, blood work and eye tests can reveal trauma you’re yet to experience.

Seeking medical attention is vital should an injury claim get filed later on. It proves you’re adamant about getting better, returning to regular daily activities, and shows the at-fault party the damage to both your vehicle and body. Failing to seek medical care could lessen, or eliminate, your injury claim.

When hiring a Lansing slip and fall attorney to help litigate your claim, we stress this step heavily.

Contact a Lansing Slip and Fall Attorney

Negligent drivers must be held accountable. The fact you’re missing work, events with children, have medical bills piling up and no income coming in solidifies this thought. In holding drivers accountable for their reckless operation of motor vehicles, you’ll want an attorney handling the formalities rather than fighting an insurer’s attorney, and insurer, alone.

By retaining a personal injury attorney, you get an advocate with extensive knowledge of insurance, accident and civil tort laws. Armed with facts, photos, police reports, medical records, and an injured victim, settlements will be more respectable than what’s offered by the insurer after the adjuster has cherry-picked the crash scene.

Never Accept a Settlement Without an Attorney

Never should accident victims accept settlements directly from a driver, insurer, third-party or anyone else. Laminate this statement, put it in your memory bank and follow it religiously. The money presented to you may seem attractive, and you’ll undoubtedly need compensation to get you through this difficult time.

Here are five great reasons why accepting money from any source other than what your attorney gets is bad:

  • The amount will be less than sufficient, not worth the paper they’re written on.
  • Insurers thrive off intimidation and misdirection.
  • You’ll still be left with more bills than the settlement will pay.
  • Attorneys usually get better settlements because of their negotiation, legal, and claims experience.
  • Your injuries will often cost you far more than what the adjuster will offer you.

There’s nothing else to add. Don’t accept the at-fault party’s initial settlement without consulting us.

Is Settling Before Court Bad For My Case?

Many believe settling before court discounts the amount you are entitled to. In some cases, this is indeed possible, but bear in mind litigation is costly to everyone. That means you, too. Settling before court saves the negligent party money, which in turn means they are more motivated to settle fairly.

You should never accept an offer before speaking with an attorney. You could leave money on the table without knowing you did so.

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