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From the Upper Peninsula down to Coldwater, Michiganders travel the great highways and byways to work, vacation, and sometimes just to let off steam. What starts as a peaceful drive can quickly turn into a nightmare if another driver fails to properly operate their vehicles.

Michigan Injury Lawyers have witnessed many good people have bad accidents that result in minor scrapes, all the way up to death. No single accident is treated differently at our firm—we treat all claims with the same mission critical mindset that Lansing residents have come to appreciate about our firm.

If you need immediate assistance after an accident, call our Lansing car accident lawyers to get started on your claim.

NOTE: Michigan is set to let its drivers purchase a wider range of insurance coverage—and that could substantially change the amount of compensation you might seek as well as which insurance companies are liable to you for any injuries you sustain. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we’re already well-versed in the new law and stand ready to help our clients under this new legal framework.

Steps to Take After Your Car Accident

So, you found yourself on the receiving end of what’s best described as a tragic car accident. Nothing could’ve prepared you for this; after all, the willful negligence of another isn’t exactly a planned event. Although you haven’t retained counsel at this time, perhaps holding the other party accountable isn’t the first thing popping in your head.

Although we can never plan for the unexpected, it’s helpful to know what steps can be taken to assure your safety, the safety of all others involved, and what legal recourse you may have post-accident.

Take these precautions:

Step 1: Remain Calm.

Although difficult at times, keeping your cool when someone slammed into the back of your car is the best form of self-preservation one can exercise after a car accident. Balling your hands into a fist, then angrily running after the offending party not only may discredit any claims you may raise, but could put you in a rather actionable position with the law.

If an individual who crashed into you becomes unnecessarily violent or confrontational, try your best to avoid them. Defend yourself if backed into a corner, of course.

Step 2: Check on everyone.

Even if no one’s badly hurt, it’s always best to check on the welfare of other passengers and drivers, provided you safely can move about. If people are trapped, offer comfort but do not attempt to move their bodies unless you’re able to do so without hurting them.

If you are a licensed medical professional and can administer aid while waiting on emergency personnel, feel free.

Step 3: Phone in the accident.

Once you’ve checked on the welfare of everyone involved, call 911 to provide location information and details regarding the accident. Report your involvement, if any, and briefly discuss the condition of everyone involved so the proper ambulatory care can be dispatched to your location. After you phone this in, DO NOT leave the scene.

Some accident victims believe leaving the scene after phoning the accident in will absolve them of any criminal charges. This is not true; in fact, you may lose your right to compensation by fleeing the scene.

Step 4: Fill out detailed reports with the police.

Notify the police so they can quickly get to the scene. Always let law enforcement approach you; do not attempt to run to them. They will always question people in the order they find most convenient, which means your statement could very well be last. When filling out your report, explain events leading up to and after the accident in as vivid of detail as possible. The car accident lawyer you retain in Lansing will use this report later.

Step 5: Seek medical attention.

If the ambulance arrives before the police, this actually switches with step four. If not, get yourself looked at immediately, even if your injuries do not seem consistent with anything serious. Concussions, even broken bones, may not seem apparent when adrenaline is running through your body. It is after you calm down when things begin hurting worst.

Step 6: Get your car towed to a mechanic, or home.

If AAA coverage or your insurance policy offers free towing, have your vehicle sent either to your mechanic or back home. Your attorney will want to take pictures, as will the claims adjuster of the insurance company, before any repairs take place.

Stipulations within your towing coverage may mean you only get X miles before you have to pay for the towing, so make sure the agent specifies whether or not towing is free. If your car is unsalvageable, make sure you note where your car will be towed to.

A trustworthy Lansing car accident lawyer can help crash victims recover these costs.

Step 7: Phone an experienced car accident lawyer in Lansing

You’ll undoubtedly want to retain a lawyer for all events that transpire from here on out. Because once the ambulance has left, and the police have collected the report, nobody else will have your best interests at heart. Insurance companies will attempt to play games, in fact. That’s why this is Step 7 instead of Step 8.

Step 8: Phone your insurance company

Once doctors clear you medically, call your insurance provider to report the accident—or better yet, have your car accident lawyer do it for you. Later down the road, their in-house or contracted adjuster will use your information along with their findings to determine what your accident is possibly worth. Your lawyer can then enter negotiations with your no-fault carrier and any other insurance companies that are liable to you for your injuries.

Michigan Injury Lawyers Help Car Accident Victims Recover

How you handle car accidents is just as important as how you avoid them. There’s no hard and fast rule, however, because each situation will call for different reactions. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we react by launching an all-out investigation into your claim to position you to receive the most out of your accident.

When you need an attorney that cares, call or drop by our Lansing office to discuss your car accident. Consultations are free, and we do not collect a penny until your case settles. Reach out by phone at (517) 435-9370 or write to us online to get started.