Grand Rapids Personal Injury Attorneys

Grand Rapids personal injuries can occur by car, truck, while riding a bike, in an assisted living facility, at the hospital, or even in the park. When these often catastrophic injuries occur, you need a law firm you can trust to handle your injury claim. Michigan Injury Lawyers has helped many Grand Rapids residents with their personal injury cases, and wants to help you, too.

Our firm features educated and experienced personal injury litigators that will stop at nothing to make sure victims of negligence have an active voice inside the courtroom. Our lawyers are advocates with proficiency in helping victims negotiate fair settlements for the pain, suffering, medical bills and loss of wages their accident imposed upon them.

Need immediate assistance with your personal injury case? Call today, and let our attorneys fight the good fight with you.

NOTE: Michigan is soon changing its insurance laws for the first time in decades. If you were in a vehicle accident, you want a personal injury attorney at Michigan Injury Lawyers who knows how the new laws and court decisions will affect your case.

Why You Should Retain This Firm

Giving your claim the greatest possible chance to succeed is our goal. Michigan Injury Lawyers offers superior litigation of accident claims in Grand Rapids, Michigan, giving each client 110% of our effort when negotiating with insurers to settle claims fairly.

Not only will our level of representation meet or exceed your expectations, we’ll always:

  • Manage your case professionally, and with transparency;
  • Work hard to meet all filing deadlines so your claim can move through the court system.
  • Logically collect critical pieces of evidence related to your accident if possible or necessary.
  • Take cases to trial if negotiations hit an unexpected impasse.

Our commitment to getting you compensated is surpassed only by the unwavering support we provide after you’ve given us your case. That’s the Michigan Injury Lawyers way.

We Can Handle Many Personal Injury Case Types

You will find our Grand Rapids personal injury lawyers can handle many types of injury cases. People may find themselves injured at any time without provocation in the following areas:

Auto Accidents

Never feel obligated to accept what the insurer offers. Always consult an attorney before engaging in discussions with adjusters and those whose best interests are not yours.

Bicycle Accidents

Our personal injury lawyers work hard to protect the rights of bike riders across the city. You are entitled to fair representation in and out of court for your accident while riding a bicycle.

Birth Injuries

Preventable birth injuries can force young babies into a life of misconfiguration, breathing issues, the inability to think or speak, and in some cases, unable to function on their own. Our firm takes these cases and fights hard for your child.

Defective Products

When a manufacturer fails to incorporate quality control in its production process, injuries can happen, and we’re here to help. From faulty electronics and toys to Ikea and other furniture that tips over, let us fight for you.

Dog Bites

Pet owners are responsible for their dogs. This applies to their homes as well as public areas. Should an attack occur without your provocation, the owner could be held liable for your injuries and lost wages due to the time off you will need to recover from your injuries. Find out more about what we do for dog bite injuries.

Drug Injuries

New drugs are rolled out each week to fight some form of human deficiency or disorder. Whether it is Plavix, Chantix or something for rheumatoid arthritis, side effects are not always announced, which means you could fall seriously ill to a drug designed to help you. Let our firm fight the big drug companies to make things right.

Medical Malpractice Injuries 

Patients who need routine or life-saving medical procedures done may fall victim to an unfortunate scenario where surgical tools are left inside the patient, or even worse, the wrong area was operated on. We fight diligently to hold the proper party responsible for this awful incident.

Nursing Home Negligence

We entrust nursing homes with our elderly parents and siblings when they cannot facilitate their own care. If you believe your loved one is being abused or neglected by a care facility, our Grand Rapids firm wants to help protect your loved one’s rights.

Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS)

Some car accidents, work-related injuries and medical negligence can leave individuals with an incredibly painful disorder called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)—or Reflex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD). Let us help fight for compensation so you can concentrate on pain management.

Slip and Fall Accidents

From church steps to restaurant floors, slips and falls happen everywhere. Injuries from concussions to ACL tears can force good people out of work for an extended period. Lean on our experience to litigate against the at-fault party to maximize your chances of being compensated for this unnecessary injury type.

Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Taxes are paid into a pooled resource called Social Security, which pays benefits to those who cannot work or function on their own. If you need to apply for these benefits, your chances of success are much greater when hiring our personal injury firm.

Truck Accidents

When in motion, trucks are capable of thousands of pounds of force that can cause death or life-altering injury upon impact with a much smaller vehicle. While insurance or trucking companies want to settle quickly and cheaply, your case is potentially worth much more.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers injured by no fault of their own rely on the quick-paying benefits that workers’ comp pays. The application process is stringent, with many denials due to simple errors. Let our Michigan workers’ compensation attorneys get the process started for you.

Michigan Injury Lawyers Wants to Fight for You

We have been there for victims of personal injuries over the years, and would like to offer you our experience and compassion to potentially receive compensation for your claim.

Contact our firm to begin the process of putting this injury behind you, and work toward healing from your awful incident. You can reach us at (616) 558-3970 or online. Consultations are no cost to you, and we do not collect money unless we settle or receive a court judgment.