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A Michigan workers’ compensation lawyer knows that thousands of workers are injured in the state each year while doing their jobs. The majority of these hard-working employees are covered by workers’ compensation and are entitled to receive benefits for on-the-job injuries.

Unfortunately, many workers aren’t aware of their work injury rights, are deterred from seeking benefits by incorrect information provided by employers, or simply don’t understand how the law works to protect them. Michigan Injury Lawyers can help. Our experienced and dedicated Michigan workers’ compensation lawyers offer free consultations to injured workers and our attorneys can help clients secure the benefits that they deserve. Contact us today at (888) 454-0801 to schedule your free consultation and get answers to some key questions, including:

  • What is workers’ compensation and do Michigan workers’ compensation laws cover my workplace injury?
  • What types of benefits are available to me under Michigan workers’ compensation law?
  • How can an experienced Michigan workers’ compensation lawyer help me get the benefits I deserve?


How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Michigan?

Michigan workers’ Compensation Lawyer

workers’ compensation is insurance coverage that employers must purchase for employees to provide financial assistance to workers who are hurt on the job. With some limited exceptions, almost all public and private employers in Michigan are covered by workers’ compensation.

workers’ compensation provides broad protection for employees, which means that you are entitled to benefits for injuries both because of workplace accidents and because of workplace injuries or illnesses. This means that you can be covered not just for a slip-and-fall or an electrical injury or other injury caused by an accident, but also for repetitive stress damage like carpal tunnel or for illnesses caused by toxic exposure at work. You are even entitled to receive workers’ compensation coverage for injuries that are not work-related but that were aggravated by your job.

What Benefits Are Available Under Michigan Workers’ Compensation Law?

Benefits available under Michigan workers’ compensation law are designed to ensure that your medical bills are paid and that you can support your family if your injuries prevent you from working. Michigan workers’ compensation law entitles you to receive benefits including:

  • A portion of lost wages
  • 100 percent coverage of medical costs
  • Temporary or permanent benefits for partial or total disability
  • Rehabilitative expenses

The benefits are provided through the insurance company and, in some cases, you may be entitled to receive vocational rehabilitation support for up to two years depending upon the severity of your injury.

Maximize Your Coverage with a Michigan Workers’ Compensation Attorney

While Workers’ compensation is supposed to ensure you don’t face financial loss after you get hurt, sometimes legitimate claims are denied or there are disputes over benefits. A Michigan workers’ compensation attorney can:

  • Help you meet all requirements for obtaining benefits, including providing notice to your employer about your injury
  • Help resolve benefits disputes and ensure you get full coverage
  • Prepare you so you understand what to expect if asked to undergo an independent medical exam (IME)
  • Appeal benefits/claim denials
  • Evaluate whether a third-party lawsuit is possible to obtain broader compensation outside of the workers’ compensation system

Since Michigan Injury Lawyers was founded in 2008, our firm has been fighting for the rights of people hurt on the job. A Michigan workers’ compensation attorney at Michigan Injury Lawyers has the experience needed to help those who have been hurt at work and who are being treated unfairly within a system designed to protect their rights.

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Understanding Michigan workers’ compensation laws is difficult, especially as you try to cope with an injury, an illness or the death of a loved one on the job. Let us empower you to understand the law and use it to protect you. Contact us today at (888) 454-0801 to learn more about how we can help with your case.