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When you headed out the door for work, school, or for a leisurely drive through Flint today, did you expect to search for a Michigan personal injury lawyer before your day began? Many don’t, which makes accidents that much worse, since they don’t exactly announce themselves ahead of time.

In Flint, we do our best to live normally, follow laws, and extended kindness toward those we encounter throughout our lives. In return, we simply ask others to show consideration toward their fellow citizens. When another person acts recklessly or fails to consider how their actions may affect others, injuries happen due to their negligence. And when they happen, they trigger a chain reaction that changes the lives of those injured forever.

Personal injury means exactly as it sounds; you were injured, and it has become very, very personal. You are angry, in pain, and you want someone to pay for what they have done. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to make a negligent party compensate an injured person, although you heard that Michigan Injury Lawyers has the resources to get people compensation in personal injury cases.

Well, here you are. The last place you wanted to be, but the first place you needed to be, given your injuries. And we’re here to treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion, all while providing an exceptional level of representation that you deserve during this horrible time in your life.

Let us begin your case so you can put this nightmare behind you. Call us at (810) 922-2820 to speak with one of our Flint personal injury lawyers without cost to you, and see what our attorneys can do on your behalf. See what options you have in your personal injury claim by scheduling a no-cost case evaluation.

NOTE: Michigan’s motor vehicle insurance laws are about to change dramatically, so if you suffered a car, truck, or motorcycle accident injury, you’ll want personal injury attorneys at Michigan Injury Lawyers to review your case. We are closely monitoring how the new statutes can affect your situation and we can move quickly in response to the court cases that will interpret the state’s new legal landscape.

Why Choose Michigan Injury Lawyers?

You deserve compensation for the accident you didn’t ask for. To hold another party accountable for your injuries, you need a deep understanding of Michigan personal injury laws, filing deadlines, the statute of limitations, and how to present your case in court. Because you want the best outcome, you should retain

Michigan Injury Lawyers serves the good people of Flint and its surrounding cities with dignity and respect. Because we believe every injured person deserves zealous representation, we raise the bar to exceed all expectations in personal injury claims where only the fairest settlements will do.

We put you first. You’ll receive a free consultation to get to know our firm, what we do, and how we’ll get your case started. We will review your claim to see what options are afforded to you, and if we opt to begin working on your claim, you’ll never pay one red cent until your case settles.

We Litigate Many Personal Injury Types

Below are the injury case types our Flint personal injury lawyers have the capacity to handle:

Auto Accidents

The most common accident, and one with devastating outcomes, is a car accident. Car accidents can maim and kill. Our firm has the resources to hold the responsible insurance company accountable, and we will use those resources to fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Trucking Accidents

Eighteen-wheelers are the backbone of American commerce. From coast to coast, millions of truck drivers grind every day so we may place food on our tables. When truckers are overworked, under the influence, unaware of their surroundings or find themselves distracted, serious accidents can happen that lead to death, dismemberment, broken bones and internal injuries.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Taking up half of one lane, motorcycles are everywhere in Michigan. When other people drive their vehicles aggressively, fail to pass with care, or drive under the influence, dire consequences often result.

One of America’s oldest forms of transportation is the bicycle. In Michigan, this method of transportation is preferred in areas like Flint where traffic is heavy, and the scenery is breathtaking. From car passengers dooring them to trucks sideswiping them, bicycle accidents can end tragically for the rider. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we get to the bottom of these horrific accidents so bicyclists can recover compensation for their losses.

In fact, Michigan Injury Lawyers handles accidents involving all vulnerable road users, including motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and scooter accidents, and can find answers to questions the victim may have.

Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Death

Every serious accident has the potential for someone to lose a life. Once loved ones are gone, families are left to plan final expenses, pay personal bills, and begin living without the love, support, and income the loved one brought home. Michigan Injury Lawyers will fight individuals and companies responsible for catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths until justice is served.

Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes and doctors have one common thread connecting their respective places of business: They promise to care for those who cannot heal themselves. From botched surgeries to excessive bedsores and even rape, survivors and families of those who died wrongfully at the hands of medical professionals and skilled nursing facilities can hold the responsible parties accountable for patient injuries. Our firm handles these cases frequently, and work feverishly to hold all parties accountable for their roles in an elderly or malpractice injury to your loved one.

Cases Also Handled in Flint, MI

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