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In Flint, the use of bicycles has become increasingly popular as a method of eco-friendly transportation. Adults and children who want to keep their bodies healthy also use bicycling as a mode of recreation and exercise. Unfortunately, due to reckless driving, motorists fail to accommodate the increasing population of bicycle riders on the roads which causes accidents to happen, a major reason the League of Michigan Bicyclists was formed.

Working with Michigan Injury Lawyers puts bicyclists in an excellent position to receive compensation for their injuries. Our firm understands how accidents and their respective injuries are devastating for the rider and the whole family. Our firm provides attorneys that serve as advocates for the bike riders, and ensures that each personal injury victim receives fair representation.

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NOTE: As Michigan makes sweeping changes to its motor vehicle insurance laws, you’ll want a bike accident attorney at Michigan Injury Lawyers who knows when your own PIP insurance is liable for covering your injuries, and when to pursue compensation against an at-fault driver.

Why Hire Our Flint Bike Injury Firm?

Hiring an attorney is crucial in situations where the injured bicycle rider needs to litigate against an at-fault party or an applicable personal injury protection policy. Our law firm has a solid track record for representing bike riders during a lawsuit against the drivers who injure them. The firm provides its clients with experienced attorneys who help in the negotiation of fair settlements on behalf of the client.

Michigan Injury Lawyers fight for the injured person by filing a case against the driver when the insurance company does not offer fair compensation, or simply does not want to cooperate. Our firm has the resources to pursue damages such as pain and emotional trauma, medical expenses, lost wages, and future medical care. Therefore, bicycle riders need to hire a Flint law firm for future protection, especially when he or she is involved in an accident.

When Should I Hire a Bike Injury Lawyer?

As a bike rider, one needs to keep in mind that all insurance companies have adjusters who start the evaluation process once the accident information is reported to the insurer. For this reason, you should retain an injury lawyer immediately after the accident to level the playing field. It is not a wise move to face a team of professional lawyers who have experience working for a billion-dollar insurance company.

Going alone in an accident case puts an injured bicyclist at the mercy of the insurer, which could significantly lower what you deserve.

Since you may not understand the legal rights you have during the lawsuit, it is up to professional attorneys to decide on what alternatives they should use. Because of this, one needs to have a bike injury lawyer before taking the claim to the court. Retaining an experienced and competent bike injury lawyer is crucial if you are injured in a wreck and the insurance company does not want to cooperate.

Our lawyers will represent injured clients in situations where settling a claim seems like an uphill battle to the individual seeking fair treatment.

What To Do After A Bicycle Injury

Once an accident occurs, healing and holding the party responsible accountable are your top priorities. Before filing a claim in, you should:

  • Identify the parties involved and, if possible, ask them if they would be a witness to this if an attorney called upon them.
  • Stay where you are. Try not to disturb the scene of the accident.
  • Document the accident by taking photos if possible.
  • Talk with law enforcement to document an exact account of the accident.

Every single day that you miss the work is costing you and your family money. Therefore, contacting a bicycle accident attorney in Flint that can begin working on your claim should be your last step. Michigan Injury Lawyers has the resources, experience, and determination to help make things right for victims like you.

How Michigan Injury Lawyers Can Help

Michigan Injury Lawyers help during the frustration and confusion stages of being injured in a bicycle accident. Our firm will provide zealous representation to help the victim receive fair compensation. The attorneys from the Michigan Injury Lawyers know how to engage insurance companies in negotiations and, if necessary, in court.

Our attorneys apply their knowledge and experience throughout legal proceedings to file documents and file necessary motions according to civil procedure to help put your case in front of the courts, and work hard to get fair and equitable compensation for our clients. Our firm will fight to recover damages such as loss of future wages, bike repair or replacement, and medical expenses.

Going into court without representation could expose you to further humiliation and pain in the form of insufficient compensation. Michigan Injury Lawyers would, in this case, represent the client and tell the truth. They would also serve as the point of contact through the negotiation process on behalf of the client who may have little or no knowledge about their legal rights. The firm would ensure that the client focuses on getting well by handling all legal matters moving forward.

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If you have been involved in a bike accident and sustained serious injuries, you have the right to hold the insurance company or companies responsible for paying your valid claim. Michigan Injury Lawyers is ready to provide you with a team of experienced attorneys who can make sure that justice is served, and that the responsible party is held accountable for the damages.

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