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Nationally, slip and falls account for more unintentional deaths in persons 65 or older than any other age group. Taking the life of roughly 19,000 each year and injuring over 2 million, senior citizens are at high risk of slipping on ice, tripping down church stairs or falling. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) places flooring and floor material number one for slips and falls across all age groups.

Flint slip and falls are common when businesses and property owners fail to upkeep common areas where invitees may shop, play, transact in any manner or exist in general. An innocent day at the pool can end one’s life, in fact, if the pool owner acts negligently.

Results-driven, experienced and dynamic in its representation of premises liability injury victims, Michigan Injury Lawyers will fight premises owners until victims have been compensated for losses sustained due to their unwarranted accident, even if that means taking your case to court and securing a judgment. Residents of Flint and surrounding cities have the right to feel safe when invited on another’s property.

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Do I Need a Flint Slip and Falls Attorney?

Michigan statutes force victims to prove their slip and fall was negligence-based, so fighting cases takes knowledge of Michigan laws. From specific time frames to file, to what you must prove in court, these statutes are strictly enforced. Slip and falls that take place where you work are equally complex, too.

An attorney can get the attention of insurers and property owners much quicker than victims. That happens by opening lines of communication, sending pre-settlement demand letters, and in some cases filing your cause of action. There is a specific method used to professionally discuss your incident which takes years of experience acquired by legal professionals nationwide.

All told, slip and falls require proving negligence on behalf of property owners and businesses. In proving this, your attorney must produce evidence in accordance with Michigan court rules that:

  • One or more parties had a duty to care for you;
  • That duty was breached or violated;
  • In violating or breaching their duty, injuries were sustained; and,
  • Those injuries caused financial and other losses.

To many victims, that’s a huge responsibility to shoulder without legal experience, the reason hiring an attorney makes sense.

How Michigan Injury Lawyers Helps in Flint Slip and Fall Cases

Veteran legal representation of slip and fall claims is what Michigan Injury Lawyers offers victims who demand experience and proven results. Putting 140 combined years of seasoned professionalism in your corner, and your case stands an excellent chance of settling for far more than you’d think.

Insurers hunt down victims of slips and falls, looking for ways to discredit their claim or pin some level of negligence on them. With our firm standing by your side, we’ll advocate for you. We’ll make sure insurers are kept at bay, dealing directly with them and their counsel.

By collecting accident evidence, gathering medical bills and doctor notes, talking with eyewitnesses and preparing your case for trial, property owners will know we mean business.

You May Be Entitled To Monetary Damages

Whether your case is negotiated before court proceedings begin, or jury decides your case, the types of compensation you receive are generally the same once the claims process is initiated. Your attorney will fight for:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Lost wages, including those forecasted to be lost in the future;
  • Loss of earning potential if you are rendered immobile for an extended period;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Emotional toll;
  • Medical bills; and,
  • Replacement of personal property damaged during your fall.

The exact amount injured persons are entitled to is case-specific. If your claim is decided by jury, the award may be comparatively higher or slightly less if you are found to have any participation in your accident.

Common Causes of Slips and Falls in Flint

Elevated falls and same level falls are classifications of slips and falls. Sidewalks, flooring, and other even surfaces are considered the same level as the person; escalators, staircases, and elevators are considered elevated. Across the United States, roughly two-thirds of all slip and fall injuries occur on flat areas. Retailers, the service sector and wholesale stores have the greatest number of such injuries.

Unobtrusive objects, snow or ice, waxed floors, wet floors, and uneven surfaces are the most common culprits of slip and fall injuries.

Other reasons innocent people slip and fall include:

  • Cracked or unrepaired staircases;
  • Excess water build-up on floors;
  • Small objects on floors, such as marbles, screws or other objects not immediately noticeable by the naked eye; and,
  • Concrete stairs with weak spots.

How Vicarious Liability May Affect Your Accident

In Michigan, one highly contested area of tort law is vicarious liability. If an individual caused an injury to another while under the direction of another, that third party could be held liable. While you will see this more often in medical malpractice cases, it is worth noting that extenuating circumstances in slip and fall cases may merit citing this area of law.

Respondeat Superior, or “let the master answer”, is essentially the same. You may hear this Latin term used in legal circles from time to time.

Your claim will not be directly affected by vicarious liability as your injuries are still compensable. What may be affected is who will write the check.

Remember, claims must be filed in the proper Michigan Court within three years of the accident.

Your Slip and Falls Deserves a Fighting Chance

Chances are good you did not expect to be injured today. But here you are. Now that the incident is over, the negligent party must pay for financial and emotional losses you have sustained—losses you should not have incurred in the first place.

Superior representation from our firm allows victims of premises liability negligence to begin putting this tragedy behind them. With decades of courtroom experience and tremendous negotiating power, we will fight to make sure the party responsible for this injury compensates you for all financial losses.

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