Petoskey Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are researching personal injury attorneys in or around Petoskey, chances are good you were recently sustained some form of personal injury. You are probably scared, angry, and want answers along with fair compensation for your injuries.

Michigan Injury Lawyers have documented success fighting for victims of personal injuries, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, truck collisions, slip and falls, birth injuries, and other medical malpractice. We strive to provide honest representation and upfront facts about every claim that our office handles.

For transparent representation in your personal injury claim, contact our Petoskey personal injury lawyers today.

NOTE: For the first time in years, Michigan has changed the types of insurance that drivers are allowed to buy. Michigan Injury Lawyers are keeping close tabs on the new laws and how they could transform the state’s civil justice system. If a car accident hurt you, we’re ready to help, even in the changing legal environment.

Physical and Financial Recovery in Personal Injury Claims

Recovery is a long and arduous process, but somehow you managed to escape death, and for that we are thankful. For those not so fortunate, we fight even harder to get families of the deceased compensation for losses they sustained now, and losses they will accrue in the future without the breadwinner.

You want to hire us as your Petoskey personal injury lawyer, because the perpetrator of your unnecessary personal injury shouldn’t get away with not paying. But, you have one burning question:

How does a personal injury lawyer recover money for injured folks like me?

You’ve probably seen numerous commercials promising lofty settlements for your injuries if you call now. Firms like this often have a very large team who’ve perfected a streamlined process to getting you shoveled into a settlement and whisked out the door. People tend to refer to these as settlement mills. Because injury litigation encompasses more than one type of monetary relief, this process often fails to provide compensation for everything victims have gone through.

When Michigan Injury Lawyers get your case, we give it the personalized attention it deserves. The following gives you an idea of how personal injury litigation may work at our firm:

The Information Stage

During this phase of litigation, our lawyers will substantiate your claim and compile all the facts of your case. The defendant will often paint a much darker picture of your involvement, so we work hard to prove your injury case. Michigan Injury Lawyers may examine police reports, could vet witnesses and their statements, review medical records, and may even opt to walk the area where the accident occurred to familiarize themselves with exactly where you were before you crashed.

The Negotiation Stage

When the negotiation stage begins, the Petoskey personal injury lawyer on your case will engage the insurance company, who will already have received their report from the adjuster. They will denounce your claim as not serious, and attempt to offer a pittance of a settlement because they think they have the upper hand. Experienced lawyers know that solid cases tend to win in court and will recognize that tactic.

After several days or weeks of going back and forth, two things will happen: an experienced lawyer will have drawn up an agreeable settlement favorable to their client, or prepare the case for litigation, either which is fine if the lawyer possesses the preponderance of evidence necessary to earn a much larger settlement.

The final settlement, however conceived, will reflect medical bills, payment for income lost, any punitive damages we believe courts should impose, and monies for pain and suffering. Your attorney will retain a portion for their services and out-of-pocket expenses, and leave you with the rest.

The Settlement Agreement and Beyond

Once a definitive settlement has been agreed on, the personal injury lawyer Petoskey victims retain will have a settlement check in hand after it clears. It can be either mailed or picked up at the lawyer’s office. Either way, victims feel vindicated when that check hits their hands.

From there, your case file will close. Some lawyers may opt to give a follow-up call to check on victims’ welfare, while others may send a thank you card or email requesting a survey of services rendered.

Michigan Injury Lawyers, if we are successful in providing exceptional services to you, may request a written testimonial so others in your position can relate to what you went through, and how our representation met or exceeded your standards.

What You Should Never Do After a Personal Injury

Sustaining an injury means you need medical care. A means to pay bills. Help dealing with insurers, trucking companies, government agencies or property owners. In other words, you need legal intervention.

Before hiring a law firm, never:

  • Openly admit fault to anyone unless that fault was witnessed by law enforcement or can be procured from video footage. Even still, never admit fault unless your attorney is advised beforehand.
  • Accept a settlement from anyone, regardless how attractive it looks, until you review it with us. The figure you are presented with is generally less than the true cost of your injuries—something a Petoskey personal injury attorney can evaluate and litigate for.
  • Flee the scene, even if you have active warrants. While you may be apprehended for an outstanding bench warrant or criminal indictment, your personal injury case can still succeed in court if you cooperate with law enforcement and provide an honest account of what happened.

The best preparation for your first visit with an attorney is cooperation. Remember, the statute of limitations is three years in Michigan to bring claims to court.

How Michigan Injury Lawyers Will Fight for You

The exact process used in settling personal injury claims will depend on the accident. Auto accidents may require steps that medical malpractice or slips and falls do not, and vice-versa. Some personal injury types may render larger settlements, whereas others could offer slightly less.

Regardless of the accident type, the law may entitle you to compensation, which a Michigan personal injury attorney works to secure.

If you have been injured in a personal injury of any type, and a negligent party is responsible for your injuries, you have options. The best option, however, is contacting Michigan Injury Lawyers at (231) 649-2720 or writing to us here to schedule your free consultation.