Petoskey Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents never announce themselves. But when they do, they sure do make an entrance. From a few cuts and scrapes to dismemberment, no two car accidents are the same. One constant is the firm that Petoskey residents trust: Michigan Injury Lawyers.

Our compassionate car accident attorneys know you have personal needs that require a fair settlement or judgment in your case, so we incorporate a more personable approach to our legal services.

Contact us when you need to sort out your Petoskey car accident with accuracy and dignity.

NOTE: Our car accident attorneys have studied the state’s new insurance laws and are prepared to help car accident victims fight for compensation under them, whether under your PIP coverage or the at-fault driver’s.

Experience You Need From Attorneys Who Care

Between courtroom battles and negotiating with insurance companies and private parties, seeing people win their claim makes our work worthwhile.

So, what advantages come from hiring us to handle your accident claim?

  • A complete understanding of Michigan car accident law, including courtroom procedures.
  • Firsthand knowledge of accident recreation, and identifying clues that insurance companies tend to miss when adjusting.
  • Skilled negotiation behind the scenes, an important component of settling your cases with favorable terms.
  • An unbiased approach to every car accident type, regardless if at work, in your vehicle or even in a ridesharing situation.
  • Trust. As many will profess, we have made trust one of our most defining features. Clients from all over Michigan trust we’ll handle their claim with professionalism yet with a personal approach that has defined our firm over the years.

If you’re interested to see what our legal experience can do for your car accident claim, call either location today. Our attorneys are prepared to look over your potential claim, answer any questions and decide on a suitable course of action.

How We Litigate Car Accidents

To be successful in litigating car accident claims, several things must exist:

  1. An accident or event must have occurred that altered one’s ability to function as they did before the accident, and
  2. A car accident attorney skilled in litigating these accidents must quickly gather all facts, evidence, and testimony. This step is vital because you must substantiate your claim with evidence.
  3. Your chosen attorney, if they take your claim, must be willing to work hard to get the outcome you deserve regardless of the size of your claim.

Michigan Injury Lawyers, experienced Petoskey car accident attorneys knowledgeable in all areas of accident law, put our clients first from day one. While we’ll never promise outcomes, we do promise our undivided attention will go into every case.

We hope to recover monetary damages that victims are entitled to when our firm takes auto accident cases or any car accident claims meriting compensation for unneeded losses. If you have personally been injured, and don’t know if your case is covered, contact our office and we will advise you.

Why Call Our Petoskey Car Accident Attorneys?

Been searching for Petoskey car accident attorneys, but aren’t sure if they’re necessary? Going up against a major insurer or party with courtroom experience is not advisable if you have never done so.

Our firm gets called because:

  • We’re large and respected locally. Our resources are good enough to handle cases that require more information than others.
  • Victims and families like you want more than just compensation—they want closure. We fight to get families both.
  • Our firm handles a good number of car accident claims each year.
  • We fight each claim with your future in mind.
  • We do not take money until you win or a judgment has been rendered.
  • We know Michigan injury laws and work hard to make sure those laws are upheld in your particular situation.

Petoskey car accident attorneys realize financial hardships that personal injuries cause isn’t just for the unemployed or underappreciated; there are specific incidents that occur when people are either injured at work or have been wrongfully treated that requires them to be without money to take care of daily expenses that arise. For these victims, compensation can’t come fast enough.

How Typical Car Accident Accidents Are Litigated

Although victims often don’t care how attorneys handle cases, we do get many individuals that wonder how cases are tried, sorted through, proven or negotiated.

Car accident cases may go (but do not always go) something like this:

  • A client phones our office, often in extreme emotional stress.
  • We conduct our thorough interview, sometimes by phone and sometimes in our office. This process collects case information and helps us understand more about what happened and what assistance the client wants from us.
  • Once we complete our interview, we will mutually determine if we are a good fit for each other.
  • Our staff begins working on your Michigan auto accident claim, performing whatever tasks will build a solid case.
  • We will discuss your incident with the insurer, their counsel, and all other parties to your accident to determine if settling is an option.
  • If settling is an option, we will draft our agreement for your review. Once everyone signs, we can move forward with compensating you.
  • If settling is not an option, we prepare your case for court.

No two cases or outcomes are identical, so you may or may not go to court over your claim. Our Petoskey car accident attorneys are better positioned for trial than most because our reach, experience, and trust have helped many victims across Michigan get the compensation they deserve.

Let Michigan Injury Lawyers Take Your Petoskey Car Accident Case

Because settling car accident claims is dangerous for victims to attempt to litigate pro se, feel confident that Michigan Injury Lawyers is well-positioned to handle your claim on your behalf. As we do not charge for consulting cases and only collect fees when your case is settled, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain simply by reaching out to our office.

You may be entitled to compensation in your car accident claim, but don’t delay in contacting our Petoskey car accident attorneys at (231) 649-2720.