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Michigan Injury Lawyers, a full-service accident firm featuring Petoskey slip and fall attorneys with significant trial experience, know firsthand the damage premises owners have done to people on Michigan streets, stores, even while swimming at their neighbor’s house. No one accident is more or less serious than the next, and we provide equal representation to all victims of premises liability accidents.

We fight for Petoskey victims’ rights, and always take each case with the expectation that we’ll recover every penny our victims deserve, period. Let our firm do the heavy legal work while you concentrate on becoming healthy, returning to work, and attempt to put this horrific accident behind you. Slip and fall accidents cause back, hip and knee injuries that can take time to heal.

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Understanding Premises Liability

An injury happened to you or your loved one on a premises. This could be a hotel, apartment complex, amusement park or anywhere else. Your standard of living has taken a massive hit. Bills, including mortgage, are falling behind. And even weeks after you took a fall, extreme pain is still felt despite several surgeries and prescription pain medication. It is obvious someone failed in their duty to care for you.

Several examples of premises liability accidents include:

  • Amusement park ride collapses. While the weight of multiple bodies may contribute heavily to an amusement park ride falling over, code violations will still get handed down as the park owner should expect large crowds to simultaneously ride their rides.
  • Shopper slips on a substance that is on the floor. Shop owners are supposed to make their areas safe for everyone to browse or buy, but there are certain situations where they fail to clean up messes on the floor.
  • Failure to close off unsafe bathrooms. Wet floor signs are supposed to be used when a worker is mopping. Failing to do so could cause someone to walk normally into a bathroom and fall.
  • Unsafe apartment stairs. The landlord or building owner must make stairs safe for their tenants to use. If they are unsafe and an individual falls and injures themselves, it is the property owner who can be held accountable.

Laws in Michigan define “premises” and “liability” rather clearly. Our firm works hard to fight cases where innocent patrons are permissibly on another person’s property and hurt themselves due to unsafe conditions. Because the state recognizes comparative fault, injured persons may be able to receive compensation at a reduced rate.

Because recent cases have changed rules in some premises liability situations, retain competent counsel to litigate your claim.

Why Attorneys Are Best Suited for This Accident Type

From code violations to unsafe surfaces, our firm can find many aggravating circumstances to help build your case upon. Situations that building owners will attempt to use as mitigating weight in defense of your allegations include proper service of code violations or uninvited guests, although we will fight to prove you had a permissible purpose for being there if the evidence suggests such.

Falls have a substantial impact on victims’ ability to live, pay bills and perform their jobs. As the leading cause of unintentional injury across the United States, slips and falls happen right before our eyes daily. We found one business journal that estimated Walmart has over 1,000 incidents per day.

Petoskey slip and fall accident attorney help is right around the corner. Do not let premises owners get away with maintaining horrible conditions; Michigan Injury Lawyers can hold culprits of poor building conditions accountable on your behalf if the claim has evidence to support it.

Building owners, regardless of size, dislike being dragged into court. Our firm is ready to fight for you inside and out of court, if that is what it takes to get you fairly compensated for your injuries.

We can give your case an initial review free of cost to determine if our legal services would benefit your claim against the premises owner.

Benefits of Hiring Our Firm

We strive to provide zealous yet transparent representation to all victims of slip and fall accidents. If you are considering our firm, we would like to offer these benefits of doing so:

  • We never take money upfront.
  • We are forthcoming with what potential your case has (or lacks).
  • We will never try and ‘upsell’ services or force you to sign papers against your will.
  • We will always put your interests before our own.
  • We know premises liability laws in Michigan well enough to handle your case, regardless of how difficult you may think it is.
  • We never promise settlements, even if your case is ironclad. We do, however, promise to work all angles of cases we feel are strong enough to win until a settlement is reachable.

Michigan Injury Lawyers fights for injured persons in and around Petoskey. If you believe you have a claim, or were injured while on someone’s property and are unsure what to do, call our firm to discuss your incident without cost or obligation to move forward.

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If you’ve been injured because a negligent property owner caused you an unnecessary injury, you may be entitled to significant compensation to help with medical costs, lost time at work, and all other relief deemed proper. Our resources are strong enough to get to the bottom of slip and fall accidents to determine who was at fault, what duties were breached, and what compensation should be paid to the victim.

You will have medical bills, lost wages, a wrecked body to fix and other expenses resulting from a premises owner’s reckless actions. If you stumbled onto our personal injury website looking for answers, chances are you are scared, mad, in pain, or are experiencing a combination of emotions.

Michigan Injury Lawyers can offer a no-cost review of your claim. We will work on your case as soon as we mutually agree to work together. To get started on your claim, please contact an experienced Petoskey slip and fall accident attorney at (231) 649-2720 or write to us online to schedule your consultation.