Petoskey Medical Malpractice Attorney

As the name suggests, medical malpractice is the willful negligence of a patient that is in the care of a medical facility, physician, surgeon or any medical professional that has a duty to care for patients.

When this awful act of negligence takes place, patients can sustain serious injury or lose their lives. Losing your life, your inability to work and carry on a normal life is disruptive to our communities, so the only course of action available to injured persons and their families is litigation.

Michigan Injury Lawyers is an experienced Petoskey medical malpractice law firm that focuses on holding negligent medical professionals liable for grossly negligent medical errors. Thousands of hard-working individuals across America are injured or killed each year at the hands of medical professionals who swore they would uphold the highest standard of health care.

We are a personal injury firm that fights for those who were injured due to medical negligence, and have an amazing team of lawyers who want to listen to your injury claim. Contact our firm to discuss your claim and potential next steps.

We Fight For Those Injured by Neglect

Errors in the medical field are not always actionable unless they reach a level of negligence that is legally enforceable. One should expect post-surgery pains; one should not expect surgical appliances to be left inside them after they are stitched up.

One way to differentiate an honest medical error from medical malpractice is the usage of Propofol. This drug is administered to patients to sedate them, with the exact dose based on patient weight and other medical factors.

Now, if an anesthesiologist administered one-half CC past the intended amount, patients could die in their sleep. Whether that constitutes medical malpractice would require an investigation and consultations with expert witnesses, not to mention deep knowledge of the law.

Michigan Injury Lawyers can help uncover facts that would differentiate simple errors from negligence. We can effectively litigate claims where physicians, staff, individual doctor’s offices, and hospitals negligently treated patients.

Fighting without an experienced Petoskey medical malpractice attorney may yield little, if any, compensation due to the extensive medical records review and evidence gathering necessary to back claims properly against doctors who claim no wrongdoing and may call any malpractice claim frivolous.

Given the sensitivity and fine line between error and malpractice, leave nothing to chance. Hire us.

Requirements for Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

The Revised Judicature Act of 1961 specifies what plaintiffs must do to have their claims heard in court.

Some requirements, not necessarily in order:

  1. The injured person, or their counsel, will file their complaint along with an affidavit of merit which must be signed by a health professional that the plaintiff’s attorney is reasonably sure meets the requirements necessary to be considered an “expert”;
  2. The affidavit will certify that the medical professional has reviewed all medical records necessary to back the assertion that malpractice took place;
  3. The medical professional must include in their statement the applicable standard of care, an unbiased opinion that such standard of care was breached, what actions should have been taken, how the breach was the proximate cause of the medical injury; and
  4. The plaintiff or their attorney can request an extension up to 28 days to file the required affidavit if necessary.

You may need to meet other requirements specific to your claim, which Michigan Injury Lawyers can work to accomplish.

When Will My Medical Negligence Claim Settle?

The amount, the timeline and the necessary steps to having your claim qualify for compensation are case-specific. We cannot promise if, or when, you will receive payment, and do not guarantee outcomes of cases that are yet to be formed.

Improve your chances of success by:

  • Making sure your attorney has all the required information asked of you;
  • Granting access to medical records when requested;
  • Staying as proactive in your case as possible while still healing yourself;
  • Being honest during all stages of your case.

Our firm works feverishly to make sure any claim we accept gets the undivided attention it deserves—then we do our best to back our cases with irrefutable evidence.

Let Us Fight Your Medical Malpractice Claim

According to researchers who conducted a study at Johns Hopkins, 250,000 Americans lose their lives every year due to medical errors. While the study did not dive into how many were malicious or accidental, that is 250,000 too many.

In an existing patient-doctor relationship, proof that care fell far below regulated standards and quantifiable damages to the patient can bring viability to a medical malpractice suit. We’ve successfully fought claims with awarded damages exceeding seven figures, although we cannot guarantee that all cases will result in such dollar amounts.

You’re the loved one of someone who passed away under doctoral care. Or, medical professionals sworn to protect and care for you improperly treated you. It’s time to stand up and fight for your rights with a Petoskey medical malpractice attorney by your side. Our honesty and integrity have given patients and loved ones hope after incidents where medical care failed them.

Surgical errors, birthing injuries, or being administered a fatal dose of medication can cause personal injuries that last forever. You do not have to accept this fate—you can fight back.

Michigan Injury Lawyers invite you to contact them for an in-depth medical malpractice case review today at (231) 649-2720 or online, with no cost or obligation to you.