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Why It Is Beneficial To Have An Attorney Represent You In Any Communications With An Insurance Company

Thousands of people make insurance claims every day in the United States. Insurance companies provide an important service that protects your financial well-being following a serious accident and injury. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust that an insurance company will automatically cover all of your necessary losses resulting from your injury as many claims are significantly reduced or even denied. Having an experienced auto accident attorney in Michigan communicate with your insurer on your behalf can greatly improve your chances of a full financial recovery for many reasons.

Insurance companies try to limit liability

Like any other type of business, insurance companies are concerned about their bottom lines and they want to make substantial profits. Part of their strategy for success is to collect premiums and limit their liability whenever possible. Claims adjusters are often seeking any information that can imply that your injuries are not as severe as you claim or that your losses are not necessary for your recovery.

When a claims adjuster contacts you, they may seem like they are on your side when, in reality, they are trying to limit liability. An adjuster will often request that you answer detailed questions or give a recorded statement regarding the accident and your injuries. This may seem harmless, however, anything you say can be misinterpreted and used to challenge your claim in part or full. An experienced attorney will know how to answer these questions for you without giving any information that may possibly hurt your chances of recovery. 

Offers may be inadequate

After a claims adjuster reviews your case, they will make you an offer. You may be surprised and disappointed when this offer is lower than the losses you claimed. You may even believe that you have no other option than to simply accept the initial offer. However, an experienced lawyer knows how to present adequate evidence of your losses and how to negotiate with your insurance company to increase your offer as much as possible. A lawyer will also be aware of your other legal options available so that you do not have to accept an inadequate payout.

Every company is different

Every insurance company is different, with different processes and reputations. Some are known for using software to reduce claims, for wrongfully denying claims in bad faith, or for simply being generally poorly rated companies.1 At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we have experience working with a wide variety of insurance companies and we know the best approach to deal with complications that may arise in your claim depending on your particular insurance carrier.

At the office of Michigan Injury Lawyers, we provide assistance in dealing with insurance companies from the initial claim to negotiations until you obtain the compensation you deserve. We are familiar with the unique issues that may exist in each insurance claim, so please call today at 313-GET-HELP for help with your claim.