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Discovery In a Michigan Auto Accident Case

A hallmark of the American legal system is the premise that there should be as few surprises as possible during the course of a lawsuit.  Both the federal and state court systems require the disclosure of all relevant facts and documents to the other side prior to trial through a process called “discovery.”

Types of Michigan Discovery

If you file a car accident lawsuit with the court, your case enters what is known as the pre-trial state which includes discovery.  The Michigan Court Rules [1] set forth the types of discovery that can be accessed in an automobile accident case including:

  1. Interrogatories: Interrogatories include written questions about the case that must be answered, under oath, by the individual who has received them.
  2. Production of Documents: A production request involves a demand for documentation including medical reports, treatment bills, proof of income or automobile repair receipts.  An individual who receives a production request is generally given a deadline date to provide copies of the documents.
  3. Depositions: A deposition consists of a meeting where an attorney asks questions of an individual who is required to answer under oath, often times in the presence of a court reporter.  It is important to speak to a Michigan automobile accident attorney prior to your deposition so that they can explain the procedures that will occur as well as the questions that you will likely be asked under oath.
  4. Independent Medical Examination: If you sustained injuries in an automobile accident, the opposing counsel may request that you submit to a medical examination by a medical professional who will then offer reports or testing on their side at the time of trial.

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If you or a loved one are involved in a Michigan automobile accident, it is important to speak to a Michigan auto collision attorney as soon as possible in order to discuss your settlement option and, if necessary, to file a civil lawsuit against those who are responsible for your damages and injuries.  Call the Michigan Injury Lawyers so they can discuss your case.  Please feel free to call our office today at 313-438-4357 for a free consultation with no obligation.