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How Long Does It Take To Settle a Michigan Claim After An Automobile Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there were 32,675 traffic fatalities nationwide.  Of those, 901 fatalities [1] occurred in the state of Michigan.

After being involved in an automobile accident, it is natural to wonder how long it might take to settle a claim.  Unfortunately, there is no one single answer or time frame that applies to all car accident cases because each case has unique aspects that affect how long the settlement process will take.

Reaching a Settlement in Michigan

There are many factors that can affect the time frame for reaching a settlement and not all factors are applicable to every case:

  1. Medical Treatment: In many instances it is necessary to complete medical treatment prior to discussing a settlement of the case depending upon the nature and severity of the injuries.  In some cases, a single payment is made by the insurance company making it important to know the full extent of a person’s injuries and required treatment before reaching a settlement.
  2. Insurance: Each insurance company works differently and the size or type of the company can make a difference.  The particular insurance company involved in your case, as well as the type of policy involved, can affect the length of time to obtain a settlement.
  3. Witnesses: It may be necessary to locate and interview witnesses.
  4. Experts: Based upon the facts of the case, it may be necessary to hire and work with experts.
  5. Civil Case: In some instances it is necessary to file a civil complaint before a settlement is reached.  This process can be lengthy based upon the complexity of the case as well as other factors.  According to the American Bar Association[2], in the state of Michigan an insurance company has a duty to try and reach a settlement and the law recognizes a cause of action for a bad faith refusal to settle within policy limits. 

Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers

Because the anticipated time frame for reaching a settlement after an automobile collision is specific to the accident, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can discuss the exact facts of your case as well as the nature of your injuries.  If you have been involved in a Michigan collision, call the experienced Michigan Injury Lawyers today at 313-438-4357 for a free consultation with no obligation.