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Social Media After a Michigan Auto Accident

According to their website, Facebook had 1.01 billion daily[1] active users on average in September 2015 and 894 million mobile daily active users on average for that same time period.   Twitter has 320 million monthly [2] active users, 80% of which are active users on mobile devices.

If you are involved in a Michigan automobile accident, you may think to grab your smartphone when you return home in order to share your experience with friends and family on social media.   However, postings on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other similar social networking sites can have dire consequences for an auto accident case.

Avoid Some Social Media Postings

After an automobile accident, you may want to consider speaking to an attorney before posting any information regarding your experience or your injuries on the Internet.  An attorney can review your suggested postings to determine if they will have a negative affect on your claims.  Until you speak with an attorney, it is important to avoid the following:

  • Photographs or videos. Defense attorneys will attempt to show that any       photos or videos reflect your current activity and lack of injuries.
  • Status updates: Avoid any status updates about your intention to file a lawsuit, retain an attorney or the specifics of your case. You should also refrain from posting any information about your plans after the accident as the information can be used to suggest that your injuries are minimal or even non-existent.
  • Admissions: Do not make any statements that relate to an admission of fault or negligence such as the fact that you were driving over the speed limit or had consumed alcohol at a party before the accident.
  • Injuries: Avoid any information regarding your injuries.  Your initial diagnosis may change to one that is more severe, you may explain your  injuries in a way that minimizes the serious nature, or you may inadvertently provide inaccurate information.  To avoid any future difficulties with your case, it is best to keep all injury related information off social media.

Michigan Automobile Accident Lawyers

If you are involved in an automobile accident, it is important to speak to a Michigan car accident attorney about the ways that your social media postings can have negative consequences for your claim for damages. Call the Michigan Injury Lawyers to discuss your case and determine if anyone is liable for your damages.  Please feel free to call our office today at 313-438-4357 for a free consultation with no obligation.