Grand Rapids Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

Of all premises liability claims, slip and fall injuries can wreak havoc on the human body much quicker than other injury types. In fact, slips and falls in Grand Rapids are a growing cause of serious bodily injury and death. According to Michigan law, premises owners must reasonably maintain areas where visitors will frequent, such as hallways, floors, stairs and outdoor areas leading up to the property’s entrance door.

When the premises owners fail in their duty to care for patrons and tenants, catastrophes such as spinal cord injuries can result. In fact, we can blame 41.5 percent of spinal cord injuries on slip and fall accidents.

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What Causes Slips and Falls?

Same-level falls and elevated falls are the two classes of slips, trips, and falls. Floors, sidewalks, and other flat surfaces are considered the same level as the individual; stairs, elevators and other areas with an incline are elevated. In America, roughly two-thirds of all slip and fall injuries occur on same-level surfaces, with services, wholesale and retail sectors reporting the greatest number of such injuries.

Uneven floors, wet or freshly waxed floors, ice, and unobtrusive objects cause many same-level accidents, with broken stairs and ice leading all elevated slip and fall injuries.

Other reasons innocent people slip and fall include:

  • Cracked or unrepaired staircases or loose railings;
  • Excess water build-up on floors;
  • Small objects on the floor, such as marbles, screws or other objects not immediately noticeable by the naked eye; and,
  • Poor lighting.

Why Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Grand Rapids laws make proving slip and fall injuries much tougher than other states. Although several court decisions have been reversed and remanded due to trial court error, premises liability cases must be strong enough to withstand cross-examination and any reasonable doubt. Most victims are either too sore to handle such an endeavor, or would rather just settle the case before court. In both scenarios, a slip and fall attorney could prove an asset to you.

Bear in mind the other party will throw as much legal firepower in your path as possible. Same with the insurer. In fact, Michigan courts will see more action from the defendant than the injured since misinformation, misdirection, and conjecture are the only ways your rock-solid case might lose ground.

When innocent people are seriously injured in any slip and fall accident, they deserve top-notch legal representation. Michigan Injury Lawyers provides an exceptional level of representation at all stages of your premises liability claim.

Steps to Take after a Slip and Fall Incident

Accidents that took place on another’s premises should follow certain steps to assure evidence is preserved, and to make sure unnecessary blame isn’t placed on the injured person. These steps are highlighted below:

  • Unless you were rendered unconscious, you’ll want to immediately take note of the area where you fell. If you’re able to take photos, do so; video would work, too.
  • Look around for witnesses, and ask them if they’d give a statement of the hazard, your fall and reaction after the fall.
  • Call an ambulance through 911. Describe what happened in detail, noting that witnesses saw the accident.
  • When paramedics arrive, get treated. Even if injuries are minimal, take this precaution if you hit your head as concussions, traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding won’t have immediate effects.
  • Phone an attorney with proficiency in slip and fall cases in Grand Rapids.
  • Continue receiving medical care. You’ll need to get your body back to 100%.

Victims May Be Entitled to Compensation

To qualify your case for compensation, Michigan Injury Lawyers will need as much evidence as possible. This will include records or documents proving the premises owner violated their own maintenance and safety policies, records of other people’s recent injuries on the same property, medical bills and doctor’s notes regarding your post-accident condition, and any photographic evidence available.

Once your claim is built, we’ll then file a complaint in the Grand Rapids court nearest to your accident. That complaint will trigger the business’s counsel to phone or email us and discuss potential reimbursement of your injuries, or at least open dialogue about your accident.

Reparations made to you will reflect losses sustained by the victim, including:

  • Wages which the injured person missed out on, including expected losses in the future;
  • Medical bills, including any over-the-counter aids needed to help with recovery;
  • Replacement of any personal property of value destroyed or damaged after the fall; and
  • Pain and suffering, along with other noneconomic losses.

The exact amount victims may receive will depend on facts specific to their cases.

Let Michigan Injury Lawyers Handle Your Slip and Fall Claim

Persons injured while on another party’s property could be out of work for a significant amount of time. They may accrue medical bills and other unjustified expenses related to their slip and fall. Many victims, however, fear that they will never see a dime because they simply forego their right to litigate their incident in court.

At Michigan Injury Lawyers, our goal is fighting zealously to apply every written law to your accident claim. We accept cases on a contingency fee basis. Persons injured in an accident will only pay for our services if we win their case, and owe nothing if we lose. By implementing this compensation structure, victims will have more time to focus on healing while our firm fights insurers until settling your case is the smartest option they have left.

Did a slip and fall accident occur recently? Call our Grand Rapids firm at (616) 558-3970 today or write to us using our contact page, and let’s get started on settling this matter for you. We incorporate a “no win, no fee” structure for all premises liability accident clients.