Grand Rapids Bike Accident Attorneys

The rate of bicycle accidents has increased in Grand Rapids due to reckless driving, drunk drivers, and motorists who fail to accommodate the increasing population of bicycle riders on the roads.

Michigan Injury Lawyers have represented many victims of bike accidents across Grand Rapids over the years, with each case getting the attention to detail it deserves. If you were injured while riding your bike, call Michigan Injury Lawyers. Our Grand Rapids bike accident attorneys will provide you with a free consultation.

NOTE: Big changes are coming in Michigan’s driving insurance laws, and they can apply to bike accidents, so don’t trust your case to just anyone. You need a bicycle accident attorney, like ours at Michigan Injury Lawyers, who will know whether fault is at issue in your case, identify the responsible insurance company or companies, and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Why Hire a Grand Rapids Bike Lawyer?

Unfortunately, thousands of people each year – in Michigan and throughout the United States – find themselves asking a question they shouldn’t have to contemplate: Can I sue for a bike accident?

Michigan Injury Lawyers has an exemplary record representing bike riders during a lawsuit against the drivers or motorists who injure them. You can feel comfortable hiring our firm because:

  • We help in the negotiation of fair settlements on behalf of our clients.
  • Our law firm pursues the client’s rights by filing a case against the liable insurance company when it does not offer fair compensation.
  • Whenever possible or appropriate, we pursue noneconomic and economic damages such as pain and emotional trauma, medical expenses, lost wages, and future medical care.
  • If the liable insurance company decides not to accept our settlement, we prepare to take the case to trial where a jury may determine appropriate punishment and compensation.
  • We do not charge one cent unless we recover compensation for you.

Bicycle accidents can be a nightmare, but your representation doesn’t have to be. Call our firm to discuss your options and begin your quest to put this incident behind you.

What You Should NOT Do After an Accident

If anything, never do these two things after a bike accident:

Flee the Scene

Leaving the scene of a bike accident almost immediately implicates you, even if you are completely innocent. Always stay with your bike at the exact location where you were hit. Police reports that reflect your noncompliance or attempted fleeing will not look good should your claim head to court.

Absconding could also bring criminal charges against you.

Make a “Gentleman’s Agreement” With the Negligent Party

Never agree for a little money in exchange for silence. These agreements rarely work out for anyone involved. If the negligent party is in the mood to negotiate, say that you will retain counsel before discussing compensation. The money the driver offers you might barely cover your bicycle in most cases, let alone medical bills and wage replacement.

Types of Bike Accidents Commonly Litigated in Grand Rapids

Bike accidents are an all-too-common occurrence in Grand Rapids, requiring injured persons to take legal action against the wrongdoer.

Michigan Injury Lawyers have been fighting for victims’ rights for many years, collecting a good amount of compensation for injured persons in accidents such as:

  • Bicyclists hit by bad drivers
  • Dooring accidents where a car door slams into a bicycle
  • Truck versus bicycle accidents
  • Car versus bike accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries stemming from bike accidents
  • Bike wrecks that lead to wrongful death

After an injury happens on a bicycle, immediately call 911 if possible. Take note of everyone standing around as they can become witnesses that help substantiate your claim.

Photographs are an excellent form of evidence, too. Take as many as possible if doing so does not cause you further injury. Ask onlookers to take pictures and send them to your phone if possible. Videos can be subpoenaed if necessary provided there are cameras in the area where you were hit.

How We Handle Bike Injury Claims

When an injured person or their family reach out to Michigan Injury Lawyers, we schedule an initial case review free of charge. During this meeting, we’ll learn about the accident, how victims are recovering, what losses the victim has incurred, and how they’d like to proceed. Once we agree to take their case, we’ll handle all case filings, perform our own investigation, collect medical and police reports, and work toward settling your case favorably.

Circumstances unique to each case will determine whether cases should go to trial or settle out of court. We strive to get our clients a favorable outcome by any means necessary.

How to Prove Your Injury Claim

The good news is that, in many cases, if you carry PIP or no-fault car insurance, you don’t need to prove negligence. Instead, your own insurance policy will cover you. You may need our bike accident lawyers to convince your insurance company to pay what it owes you, however, so please come talk to us before you file your claim.

Should you need to pursue a claim against the motorist who hit you, Michigan law requires you to prove the driver’s negligence led to an otherwise avoidable injury. Between evidence, testimony, an injured party, and other forms of proof, many cases have plenty of substance to withstand a defense team’s rigorous questioning.

If a Michigan jury awards compensation to the victim, it will consider all losses in determining the final amount. Unless the case involves medical malpractice, there are no damage caps in Michigan.

Many cases will settle before trial, because insurance companies and big corporations prefer to avoid public embarrassment. Cases with overwhelming evidence can go to trial if our clients prefer that a jury decides their award, although the amounts negotiated before trial are often fair and equitable for everyone.

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If you were in a bike accident and sustained serious injuries in Grand Rapids, you need to follow a legal process to claim monetary damages. Michigan Injury Lawyers is ready to provide you with a legal team that can uphold justice and hold the insurance company of the other party responsible for the damages.

Michigan Injury Lawyers is a dynamic firm protecting the rights of Michigan bicyclists with integrity, compassion, and a commitment to helping persons in need of legal representation. Call our firm for a consultation at (616) 558-3970 and let our lawyers fight for you.