Grand Rapids Truck Accident Attorneys

You were just involved in an awful truck accident, and there is nothing you want more than to get better and return to work. Most would love to have their loved one, who was wrongly taken by a truck accident, back. Many may want to take the liable insurance company to court and get every penny they can.

If this describes you, contact our Grand Rapids truck accident lawyer to get started today. From investigating the accident to talking with insurers and their counsel about settling the matter, we mean business from day one. This step is vital, especially when you face not only an uphill legal battle, but when the insurer is attempting to bully you.

NOTE: We are fully prepared for how Michigan’s new motor vehicle insurance laws can affect your truck accident case. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we will know if negligence will play a role in your case and the truck driver or trucking company is liable to you, whether we need to pursue compensation through your no-fault insurance, or both.

Get Clear, Concise Understanding of Your Policy

You’re told what the benefits are when switching to a new insurance company. But what you’re not told, unfortunately, is how the insurance company assesses risk when giving you a new insurance policy. After accidents, you tend to find out everything many of us fail to read. For example, specific clauses and coverages that seemed that magically appear after the claims adjuster is done.

If you’re unsure what specifics are stated in your policy, your truck accident attorney can find out for you.

Demand Fast Court Hearings

Insurance companies are notorious for dragging fact-finding hearings and settlement conferences for no other reason but to inconvenience you and hope you go away.

A skilled personal injury attorney knows how to cut though these tactics and, if necessary, fight the defense team in court.

Never Believe You’re to Blame

Under no circumstance does the insurance company have legal grounds to determine fault. Armed with facts, victim’s statements, and any related footage, only a jury or judge has the right to determine which driver was at fault and why.

In Michigan, however, in most cases you should not have to prove fault. The state requires you to carry no-fault insurance. Your own insurance company should pay your valid claim without regard for whom caused the accident. That, however, may not keep an insurance company from denying your claim—even when you paid them premiums.

Before that happens, hire us. We’re here to protect your rights, whether the insurance company is yours or someone else’s.

We Fight for Fair Compensation

Understand one thing before phoning an attorney: Insurance companies will, by nature, offer the lowest amount of money they think you will accept, even if it doesn’t cover all of your physical injuries or the cost of fixing your car. On all levels, this is wrong.

Depending on your coverage, and whether you can seek a third-party claim against a trucker or trucking company, you have the right to seek damages for medical bills, repairs to your vehicle, monetary relief for pain and suffering, and any other monies deemed just and proper based on your case.

Our team will work all angles of your claim to ensure fair compensation. Time off work, medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, and all other financial relief deemed appropriate are just some of what we may go after, or what a jury or judge may award.

Schedule Your Consultation Today With Our Grand Rapids Truck Accident Lawyers

Insurance companies will never stop bullying the truck injury victims they spent millions in advertising trying to get. In fact, during the adjustment portion of the post-accident investigation, they may show their true colors by offering a paltry settlement.

Contact our firm immediately to schedule your consultation with a Grand Rapids truck accident attorney that cares. Michigan Injury Lawyers features some of Michigan’s most compassionate litigation professionals, and we’re ready to take your claim all the way to court, if needed. Call us at (616) 558-3970 or write to us online to get started.