Website, Safety Week Dedicated to Child Passenger Safety

September 19, 2012 |
Website, Safety Week Dedicated to Child Passenger Safety

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has launched a new website dedicated to child passenger safety research.  The launch of coincides with the Child Passenger Safety Week campaign from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  The campaign, which focuses on educating adults on the proper use of child safety restraints, runs September 16-22 and ends with National Seat Check Saturday.

According to the NHTSA, when properly restrained, infants have a 71 percent greater chance of surviving a car crash and toddlers have a 54 percent decrease in the risk of death.  When selecting the correct car seat, parents should choose one that fits their child and that they will use regularly.

The NHTSA adds:

“There are so many car seat types and models, how do you know which one is right for your child? The right car seat or booster fits your child and your car, and is one you will use correctly every time you travel. Not only will your child ride as safely as possible, you will be establishing the foundation for a lifelong habit of seat belt use every time your child travels.”

UMTRI researchers believe that if parents have information about why it is important to properly buckle their children, they will be more likely to comply. "There are already many great sites that explain how you should install your car seat and secure your children so they are safe," says UMTRI assistant research scientist Kathleen Klinich, coauthor of the website. "We saw the need for a resource that identifies why we do these things."

Most Safety Seats Installed Incorrectly

According to UMTRI researchers, great strides have been made to increase child restraint use nationwide.  The proportion of children riding unrestrained has decreased from 90 percent in 1976 to approximately 13 percent in 2008.  However, unrestrained children under the age of 15 account for over half of the children killed each year in motor vehicle crashes.

With three of four child safety seats improperly installed, according to the NHTSA, it is critical for parents and caregivers to take the time to ensure a proper fit for their child.  Michigan residents can turn to the UMTRI website to watch videos demonstrating the correct installation of a child safety seat and to see the result of an improperly secured child.

The Michigan State Police announced this week they will have Child Passenger Safety technicians across the state to check and install car seats and to teach parents and caregivers the basics of passenger safety for kids.  During the 30-minute car seat check, drivers will receive hands-on advice and instruction on how to choose the proper car seat and use it correctly.

Our Bloomfield Hills car accident attorneys agree with NHTSA administrator David Strickland in “urging everyone to make sure their kids are properly protected on every trip, every time.”

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