Underage DUI Driver Kills Young Mother

March 7, 2014 |
Underage DUI Driver Kills Young Mother

Driving under the influence kills. Michigan statistics indicate that approximately 4 percent of collisions in our state involve alcohol. Accidents involving a DUI claimed almost 300 lives in 2012 and injured over 5000 more. Driving under the influence also destroys the lives of drunks that are caught, especially if they committed murder using their vehicles as a weapon.

The actions of people who drink and drive can destroy lives and ruin others in an instant. A recently married young mother, Maria Bailey-Collins, was killed when an 18-year-old intoxicated driver, Zachary Parker, slammed head on into her vehicle. Parker, who was driving the wrong way on US Highway 23, had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. Bailey-Collins’ 11-year-old son was critically injured, and her new husband sustained injuries. They had only been married for four days.

Parker has been charged with manslaughter, reckless driving causing death, and intoxicated driving causing death. He only suffered minor injuries.

Wrongful death is a tragedy for everybody involved, but the grief and emotional strain of losing a loved one in an accident is exacerbated by the financial strain, including medical bills, lost time at work, and the costs associated with replacing a vehicle.  Managing the process of insurance and police investigations is exhausting, and the lawyers from your insurance company will be primarily interested in protecting the company rather than advocating for you.

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