Should I Contact An Attorney If My Injuries Are Minor?

January 7, 2016 |
Should I Contact An Attorney If My Injuries Are Minor?
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Accidents can always lead to potential injuries. Recent CDC statistics show that each year 37.4 million Americans suffer medically attended injuries.1 The severity of those injuries is, of course, dependent upon a variety of different factors. When an individual is injured as a result of a preventable accident, he or she should have the opportunity to rightfully recover damages. When the accident causes serious injuries, victims often do not hesitate to seek recovery of all potential damages resulting from the accident. However, accident victims who believe they have suffered only “minor” injuries may choose to forego any legal process to recover damages. It is important that individuals understand that the severity of their injuries should not keep them from recovering the damages they may lawfully recover.

Not all accidents are the same. Some accidents are simply just accidents. Others, however, are accidents that may have been easily prevented and were instead caused by an individual who was negligent and breached his or her duty of care to another person. An individual who has been injured as a result of another’s negligence is entitled to recover damages.

The more severe the injury, the more likely it is that the victim will incur higher medical bills and additional expenses in order to make a full recovery. Sometimes, a full recovery is impossible and the victim will instead be faced with lifelong complications resulting from the accident. Although “minor” physical injuries may be less painful to the victim, it does not mean that there cannot be lasting consequences. Some of these consequences can include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of motor or cognitive functions

What Happens If I Do Not Contact an Attorney in a Timely Manner?

After a certain period of time, victims are no longer allowed to bring forth a cause of action to recover damages. This is because there exist “statutes of limitations.” The statute of limitation is a clock that begins to run at a time defined by law. If a victim does not bring forth a suit before the “clock runs out,” he or she will be barred from bringing forth a cause of action. The length of time depends upon the legal theory under which a suit is brought. There are some of the more common statutes of limitations in Michigan:

Failing to contact an attorney in a timely manner after suffering an injury, even if minor, may bar a victim from recovering damages. A knowledgeable attorney will be best suited to review the facts of an injury case and assess whether or not there exists a reasonable claim for damages.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Michigan for Help

If you are injured due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to recover damages regardless of the severity of your injuries. Failing to act simply because you believe your injuries to be “minor” may bar you from recovery in the future. You always want to seek the assistance of a lawyer who understands personal injury cases. Please do not hesitate to call an experienced auto accident attorney from Michigan Injury Lawyers at 313-438-4357 for a free consultation today.