Oncology Malpractice Lawyer

You'll always remember the day when you were diagnosed with cancer, but you were even more devastated when you realized you had to undergo radical treatment since the disease was spreading. Although you previously told your doctor about certain pains you were having and X-rays were taken, your doctor did not find anything. As the pain and discomfort increased, you returned to your doctor and insisted that something was wrong. After more tests, it was determined that cancer was present and had metastasized.

Your doctor failed to discover the problem and now your life is in the balance as you await a determination of how quickly the cancer is spreading. This could have been avoided had the cancer been detected in a timely manner. Your top priority now is to do all that you can to fight this disease.

If you have been harmed by a delayed diagnosis from a medical professional, you may be able to receive compensation for the pain and emotional stress you have endured and unexpected medical expenses you had to pay. Contact an oncology malpractice lawyer at Michigan Injury Lawyers who can review your claims and discuss the legal options available to you under Michigan law.

Mistakes Occur in Treating Cancer

There are over 100 types of cancer that invade the human body and spread through the blood and lymph systems, according to the National Cancer Institute. In most instances, the cancer is distinguished based on where the disease originates; for instance, cancer that begins in the pancreas is called pancreatic cancer. Certain diagnostic tests are performed to determine whether cancer exists and if so, identify the type of cancer that exists and make recommendations on how to treat the disease.

When cancer is detected, oncologists – who are physicians specializing in diagnosing and treating cancer – either recommend surgery to remove the cancer or prescribe chemotherapy or therapeutic radiation. The complexities of oncology provide opportunities for medical professionals to make mistakes in treating patients. In addition to a misdiagnosis, other mistakes include:

  • Mistaking a benign tumor for a malignant tumor and treating the benign tumor
  • Surgical removal of healthy tissues rather than the cancer-affected tissues
  • Overprescribing or underprescribing pain medication
  • Ordering high doses of chemotherapy which could potentially affect a patient's vital organs
  • Failing to inform a patient of the risks linked with surgery, treatment or medication

Recovering from cancer is an arduous and expensive process, especially when mistakes were made by a medical provider. While you may be a victim of oncology malpractice, you have to obtain evidence to support a claim concerning your doctor's negligence. In these instances, you will need legal advice on how to proceed.

The oncology malpractice attorneys at Michigan Injury Lawyers are experienced in obtaining medical records and other documentation required to prepare a case for you. It may also be necessary to have other medical professionals review your records, with your consent, to determine where the communication and medical failures occurred in your circumstances. Should you decide to pursue a legal claim, a seasoned lawyer will represent you in settlement negotiations or in a trial to resolve your situation. Contact Michigan Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation to find out how we can help.