Michigan Lawmakers Consider Placing Caps on No-Fault Insurance Benefits

May 17, 2013 |
Michigan Lawmakers Consider Placing Caps on No-Fault Insurance Benefits

When a Michigan Car Accident occurs, victims can be left with injuries that affect them for a lifetime. Under current state law, most expenses associated with injuries can be covered by a motorist’s no-fault auto insurance policy. However lawmakers are considering changing this rule.

According to an article from WKAR News, the state legislature is considering placing a $1 million cap on damages paid by no-fault insurance. Those currently receiving lifelong benefits would continue to receive their payments, while those filing new claims would be subject to the cap.

Some say that the reform would allow for cheaper coverage of more motorists, but others say the $1 million wouldn't cover very much when it comes to an individual’s lifelong medical care.

One woman from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is all too familiar with the impact that $1 million can have on medical bills after a serious motor vehicle collision. She was involved in a crash in 2001 that left her paralyzed from the waist down. When speaking to state lawmakers she explained that $1 million would not go “…as far as you would think.”

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