Hit and Run Driver Found

March 8, 2014 |
Hit and Run Driver Found
Lars Plougmann

Accidents always create chaos and stress, but the stress is worse when the people who cause accidents flee the scene.  35-year-old Andrea Foy, a young mother, has been dealing with this over the last few days. She was injured by a hit-and-run driver after walking her daughter to the school bus stop. She was struck from behind, falling after impact and hitting her head.  A neighbor heard the accident and called first responders, who transported Ms. Foy to the hospital. She was treated for broken bones and minor injuries and returned home safely.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s department identified a suspect two days after the incident following an anonymous tip regarding a vehicle with damage matching the description issues by the police.  The driver, a 25 year old woman residing near the accident site, indicated she did drive away from an accident but thought she had hit a mailbox.

The driver of the car who hit Ms. Foy likely would have faced lighter charges had she remained at the accident to take responsibility and assist. Leaving the scene of an accident adds additional charges. Ms. Foy can, and should, chose to file a civil suit against her as well, as she deserves compensation for her injuries and the stress of the hit-and-run situation.

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