Experts Recommend Calling 911 on Dangerous Texting Drivers

August 1, 2012 |
Experts Recommend Calling 911 on Dangerous Texting Drivers

Drivers who text behind the wheel are more than 20 times as likely to be entangled in an accident than those who do not text, according to the U.S. Transportation Department. This, in part, is why some experts say you should back off and call 911 when you see someone texting and driving erratically.

USA Today published an insightful article recently on the dangers of texting while driving. We’ve all seen someone do it, if we haven’t done it ourselves. And we all know the dangers.

A driver’s attention is diverted for an average of just over 4½ seconds while testing ore emailing, roughly the length of time it takes to traverse a football field while moving at a clip of 55 mph. A lot can happen in a 100-yard stretch of road.

Sergeant Michael Baylous of the state police of West Virginia told USA Today, “I’d get away from them, either by traveling on down the road or by slowing down and letting them get ahead of you. If there’s no way to get away from them, then I would call police.”

Signs That A Driver Is Texting

Recognizing a texting driver isn’t difficult. Police are trained to watch for the same signs as drunk drivers, as their driving behaviors are similar.

The USA Today report tells drivers to look for the following signs of a texting or distracted driver:

  • Exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Traveling well below the speed limit
  • Running red lights or not accelerating when a light turns green
  • Straying across lane markers
  • Riding someone’s bumper
  • Oblivious to road conditions, impediments and/or pedestrians
  • Eyes are not on the road or both hands not on the steering wheel
  • Reaction time falters

Any of these signs could be a precursor to a serious auto accident. A form of distracted driving, texting while driving can be blamed for numerous Michigan accidents every year. Despite laws to combat the practice, it doesn’t seem to be improving much.

Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

When you are involved in an accident, and you know the other driver was distracted by a phone or other device, it can be frustrating. You are forced to deal with not only the pain and rehabilitation but also the knowledge that it was all caused by the carelessness of another person.

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