Distracted Driving leads to Death

February 6, 2014 |
Distracted Driving leads to Death
Rennett Stowe

A little drift into the wrong lane can mean the difference between life and death.  It was tragically the latter in this case. Amanda Collins was driving her kids somewhere when she slid across the road and slammed into a snowbank.  While the vehicle's passenger side was exposed to oncoming traffic, a truck smashed into the vehicle.

The mother, 38, and her child, a 10 month old, were both dead on the scene.  A seven year old, Madysen Marie Church, was airlifted to DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.  She's hanging on, and the prayers of her friends and family are with her.

These types of accidents are always hard on the first responders, especially when they have children of that age.  It's difficult to see the babies caught in accidents.  "Of the five deputies on the scene last night, our have kids that age, so it's certainly sobering," Cole (a police officer) said.  "It's very, very tough."

The road was closed for around three hours while investigators looked into the cause of the accident, and clean-up crews made sure that all of the debris was removed from the roadway.

According to witnesses, the driver may have slid over gradually due to distraction before sliding into the snowbank. While these types of accidents happen all over the country, they are also the most preventable.  Make sure that when you are on the road, you are paying full attention to what is going on.  Don't check your mail, listen to voice mail, or do other activities.

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