Citizens Speaking Out Against Michigan No-Fault Insurance Caps

May 29, 2013 |
Citizens Speaking Out Against Michigan No-Fault Insurance Caps

May 29, 2013

Some Michigan residents are speaking out against measures being considered by state legislators that could cap the amount of damages an individual can receive for Michigan Car Accident Injuries through the state’s no-fault insurance program.

One individual spoke with FOX 17 News about his experience following an accident that showed just how crucial damage awards can be to accident victims. The Grand Rapids man explained that he was crossing an intersection north of White Pigeon in 2006 when another driver failed to yield the right-of-way.

The two vehicles collided, and the victim was left with serious injuries and is still recovering from the incident. He says his no-fault insurance covers expenses such as leg braces, therapy, and roughly $800 in medications per month.

The victim explains the money he receives from the policy is nearly as much as he gets through Social Security disability, and he claims that he would not be able to make ends meet without the funds.

Lawmakers are now considering placing caps of $1 million on such damages, with proponents of the bill saying it would save each citizen around $100 per year in auto insurance costs. The victim warns against this change, saying the small savings now will not be worth it if an accident does occur.

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