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Lipitor is a pharmaceutical used to lower cholesterol levels in order to prevent stroke and heart attack risks in users. Lipitor is one of the best selling prescription drugs in the world and has earned pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. Unfortunately, while Lipitor is effective in lowering cholesterol, it also puts certain users at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This risk is especially high for women taking Lipitor who are middle-aged or older adults.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that causes dangerously high glucose levels in the blood. Individuals with type 2 diabetes need ongoing monitoring, health care visits, medications, health equipment, diet restrictions, and more. Complications of type 2 diabetes can require hospitalization, surgery, or can lead to death. Lipitor users who develop type 2 diabetes will likely face costly medical bills, physical symptoms and effects of diabetes, emotional harm, and other relevant losses.

Claims against Pfizer due to Lipitor and diabetes

Individuals who suffered unnecessary injury due to taking Lipitor often have the right to compensation for their losses. Many people have already filed legal claims against Pfizer, alleging some or all of the following:

  • Pfizer ignored the heightened risk of developing type 2 diabetes and instead continued to market Lipitor as an effective and safe drug.
  • Pfizer was negligent in developing, designing, manufacturing, promoting, and selling a dangerous drug.
  • Pfizer did not adequately monitor the risks and effects of taking Lipitor, as it should have known of the side effects of high blood sugar levels.
  • Pfizer aggressively marketed Lipitor, misleading doctors and patients about the safety of the drug while failing to provide important warnings that could have lowered the incidence of injury in users.
  • Pfizer did not include warning label on the Lipitor packaging regarding type 2 diabetes until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required them to do so in 2012.

By the time Pfizer admitted the risks of Lipitor and type 2 diabetes, it was too late for many users who had already suffered serious injury. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we stand up for the rights of injured Lipitor users, so please call an experienced Lipitor lawyer for a free consultation today.