Complex Cases Take Time

February 4, 2014 |
Complex Cases Take Time

When an accident is especially complicated, it can take a long time for a final settlement to come about. All sides want to make sure that the right verdict is reached, but we recognize that the waiting can be tough. One family is waiting for a lawsuit to go forward about a multi-car pileup that took the lives of two children and left a third with brain injuries.

It happened on the last day of the year. The family was planning to go to Canada for a vacation. The police’s version of the events goes like this. Snow began to fall in whiteout conditions on I-75 and ice quickly formed. The family’s vehicle could not brake safely without it skidding. While at speed, another car hit them from behind. While it was spun out of control, the vehicle was hit several more times by other vehicles that couldn’t stop. When it did stop, the vehicle was in the south-bound lanes with the passenger side facing traffic. A semi then crashed into the passenger rear side.

About 300 feet back, the same semi had hit another vehicle and knocked it into a car hauler. That crash killed another driver.  Further investigation showed that the truck had poor brakes and that the driver had several traffic incidents on his record previously. The driver of the truck said that another semi had hit him on the side and pushed him into the path of the car containing the family.

Due to the extreme complexity of this crash, the police are conducting a very thorough investigation before deciding whether they will press charges or not. In the meantime, the family has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the semi and the shipping company. The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million dollars.

We hope that this family gets the justice and compensation they deserve. If you have been injured in an accident on Michigan’s roads, or have suffered any other sort of personal injury accident, call Michigan Injury Lawyers today. We can help.