Can I Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits?

August 26, 2015 | Thomas L. Stroble
Can I Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits?
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If you have suffered a long-term or permanent disability and are no longer able to work, applying for and obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits1 can be imperative to financial stability and being able to cover your bills. Once you begin receiving benefits, you can budget your expenses based on your benefit amount and can often avoid any serious financial issues simply because you have a disability. However, if your established benefits would stop for some reason, you may suddenly experience many financial challenges and hardship.

Reasons SSD benefits can be canceled

There are many occurrences that may cause the government to reduce or discontinue your Social Security Disability benefits. Some of these reasons are detailed below:

  • Improvement in medical condition – If your mental or physical condition improves over time, the Social Security Administration (SSA) could decide that you no longer qualify as disabled and that you are able to earn your own living. In such situations, the SSA can cancel your benefits entirely. You have the right to appeal their decision, however, and should discuss your case with an attorney who can help you demonstrate that, despite mild improvements, you are still disabled.
  • Starting to work again – Some disabled individuals are able to engage in light part-time work and wish to do so to get out of the house and have some extra money. However, if the SSA determines that you are participating in “substantial gainful activity,” it can cancel you benefits. The factors considered when making such a determination include the amount of money you are earning, the length of time you continually work, the type of job duties you are able to perform, and more. An attorney can advise you of the implications of returning to work while receiving SSD.
  • Having a levy on your benefits – If you have government debt, such as tax liability or defaulted student loans, the government may take up to 15 percent of your monthly benefits to satisfy your debt. This may also happen for unpaid child support or spousal support payments. If you believe the debt is false, an attorney can help you fight against the levy in court.
  • Reaching the age of retirement – If you are on SSD and reach the retirement age required for Social Security retirement benefits,2 your SSD will stop since you cannot have both. However, in this situation, your benefits will often simply be replaced by another type of benefit.

An experienced Michigan Social Security Disability attorney can advise you of your rights

If you believe your Social Security Disability benefits may be at risk of cancellation or reduction, you should not delay in contacting a qualified lawyer who understands the SSD laws and procedures in Michigan. The Social Security Disability lawyers at Michigan Injury Lawyers have helped numerous disabled individuals obtain benefits and challenge decisions to revoke those benefits in the future. If you need any assistance with any type of matter involving SSD benefits, please call us today at 888-454-0801 for a free consultation to find out how we can defend your rights to SSD payments.



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