Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Mistakes

January 26, 2017 | Thomas L. Stroble
Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Mistakes

Labor and delivery can be a stressful time for any expectant parent. Even if doctors do everything right, there are still many things that can go wrong during the birth process. The risks of harm to your child increase even more when a doctor makes a medical mistake during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. The following are some examples of medical mistakes that can result in birth injuries.

  • Improper prenatal care - During pregnancy, doctors should perform the necessary tests and examinations to identify any possible problems in the pregnancy that should be addressed to prevent birth injuries. Such problems can include diseases or conditions of the mother, birth defects that must be planned for, positioning of the child, the need for prenatal surgery or treatment of a condition in the child, and more. Without proper prenatal care and testing, the child may be injured by an unidentified complication.
  • Failure to address distress of the child or mother - In many cases, either the mother or baby can become distressed due to low oxygen or heart rate changes during labor. Medical professionals are expected to closely monitor vital signs and act quickly and appropriately if any distress is suspected. Extended periods of oxygen deprivation can cause permanent conditions in the child, including cerebral palsy.
  • Improper delivery methods - If a baby needs assistance coming through the birth canal, a doctor may choose to use certain methods to help facilitate the delivery. Forceps and vacuums must be used carefully because misuse can cause injury to the child. In addition, rough pulling and twisting of a baby during delivery can result in birth injuries.
  • Failure to order a c-section - A doctor should always identify when a c-section is appropriate, whether it is earlier in the pregnancy, due to an emergency situation during labor and delivery, or due to other problems with a vaginal delivery. If a doctor does not identify the need for a c-section or fails to act swiftly enough, birth injuries can result.

Contact a Michigan Birth Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Negligent doctors should be held liable for any injuries that resulted from their medical mistakes. Medical malpractice cases are complicated and involve many legal issues, so it is critical to have a skilled Michigan birth injury attorney representing your rights. If you would like more information, please call the office of Michigan Injury Lawyers at 313-GET-HELP for your free consultation today.

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