Testing Errors that can Lead to Birth Injuries

November 3, 2016 |
Testing Errors that can Lead to Birth Injuries
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Expectant parents rely on doctors to adequately monitor a pregnancy and the health of both mother and child. Doctors may use a variety of medical tests to measure health during pregnancy and to address any potential problems that exist or that may arise. When a doctor makes negligent testing errors, both the parents and the baby can suffer harm. The following are some examples of testing errors that may constitute medical malpractice.

Failing to Perform Necessary Tests

There are certain tests used to identify possible health issues in a mother, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, bilirubin in the bloodstream, and more. Such health conditions can be treated and managed during pregnancy to avoid injury to the baby and the doctor can also prepare and order a c-section if the delivery may be high-risk due to health issues.

In addition, tests can also identify severe birth defects in the fetus, including spina bifida, down syndrome, and Tay-Sachs disease, among many others. Knowing that a fetus has a birth defect can help both the doctors and the parents prepare for the care and treatment that will be needed after birth. In addition, some birth defects will have little to no chance of survival and may cause the baby extreme pain after birth. In such situations, parents may make the very difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. If they are not aware of a birth defect that should have been discovered, parents and their child may incur unexpected harm.

While not all prenatal tests are necessary in every case, there are certain situations in which a doctor should perform these tests, including:

-The pregnant woman is older than 35-years-old
-The mother has had pregnancies involving birth defects in the past or there is a history of birth defects in the family
-The mother is obese or has high blood pressure
-The mother has heart disease or diabetes or there is a family history of such conditions
-The mother has had previous pregnancies end in stillbirth

If any of these conditions exist or other warning signs of a possible complication and a doctor fails to perform the needed tests, they can be held liable for any harm that results.

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