Pay Attention to Recalls for Defective Auto Parts

May 1, 2015 |
Pay Attention to Recalls for Defective Auto Parts

When you purchase your vehicle, you should be able to trust that it is in working condition and that none of the parts of the car are defective. When certain parts on a car malfunction, motorists can be involved in extremely serious collisions. For example, if a commercial truck driver is on the highway and a set of defective brakes suddenly fail, the driver can lose control and the truck can collide with any cars or other objects in its path. In such situations, the manufacturer of the defective part should be held liable for any resulting damage and injuries.

Defective auto parts should be recalled

Cars and trucks have thousands of parts and it is only expected that some parts may sometimes be defective. When a manufacturer discovers that a part may malfunction and cause injury, it has the duty to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)1 and to issue a timely recall for the part. A recall allows any owner of a vehicle with the defective part to have the part either repaired or replaced at no cost to the consumer. Every consumer should be aware of current recalls and should act on them as soon as possible to avoid accidents and injuries. You can look up your vehicle identification number for any issued recalls via NHTSA's search tool.2

Some auto manufacturers have been known to fail to issue a proper recall despite knowing about a potentially harmful defect. For example, General Motors (GM) made headlines last year for failing to recall vehicles with a potentially defective ignition switch. In the years that certain GM employees knew of the defect, thousands of people were injured and other died due to collisions caused by the ignition switch. GM finally issued a recall after an investigation by NHTSA and now faces not only serious sanctions from the government but also thousands of lawsuits filed by injured consumers and the families of deceased victims. This is only one example of how an auto manufacturer can find itself liable for billions of dollars3 worth of damages to many different injured consumers, and the situation goes to show how important a recall can be to avoid accidents and injuries.

An experienced Michigan defective products attorney can help you receive proper compensation

If you suffered injuries in an accident because of a defective auto part, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses, including medical treatment, lost income, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. Filing a legal claim against a large auto manufacturer such as GM can be intimidating, however, since these companies have substantial legal teams all working to avoid liability whenever possible. For this reason, you always need an attorney handling your case who has the resources and skill needed to face off against a major company. An attorney should also understand how to handle class action litigation for defects that may have affected many people across the United States. Call Michigan Injury Lawyers in Michigan today for a free consultation.