One Worker Dead, Two Injured as a Result of Explosion at Their Work

April 19, 2014 |
One Worker Dead, Two Injured as a Result of Explosion at Their Work

Sometimes we work in situations that could cause us bodily harm if we are not careful.  Our employers also have a duty to keep us safe from harm occurring as a result of our job.  In fact, it is the law that they do so.

Recently, in Nashville Tennessee, a horrific accident occurred at an ammunition plant.  An explosion occurred in the evening while 20 workers were inside the building.  According to reports, one worker was killed and three others were injured as a result of the explosion and fire that immediately followed the blast.  The injuries ranged from critical to minor according to a spokesman from the hospital where the survivors were treated.

The subsequent fire was battled by the firefighters from the two counties the plant in the rural area occupied.  The fire caused further complications as it ignited several brush fires in the nearby forest.

The explosion is still under investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well other local governing bodies.

This accident raises many questions of responsibility for those injured as a result of this accident and the family of the worker who lost his life in the accident.  The workers may have rights under workers’ compensation laws for the payment of medical bills and loss of income.  They also may have a claim for the pain and suffering the accident caused.

The family of the worker that was killed as a result of the accident may have a wrongful death claim against the ammunition facility.  Wrongful death claims arise from the negligence of others.  If it can be proven that the company for which the victim worked was negligent and their negligence caused the explosion and subsequent death of the worker, the family may have a wrongful death claim against the facility.

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