One Person Seriously Injured in Michigan Truck Accident

July 17, 2013 |
One Person Seriously Injured in Michigan Truck Accident

A 42-year-old truck driver was seriously injured in a Michigan Truck Accident earlier this week. Reports indicate the crash happened at around noon on Monday, along I-96 outside of Berlin Township, Michigan.

According to an article from WILX 10 News, the victim was traveling westbound along the highway in a tractor-trailer combination, when he struck another big rig that had pulled over along the side of the highway. The impact sent the second truck into the path of a passenger bus carrying 20 people.

The driver of the first truck sustained serious injuries requiring surgeries and hospitalization at a Grand Rapids facility, but no others were injured as a result of the accident.

The damage inflicted to victims of trucking accidents is often severe due to the size and weight of the tractor-trailers involved. This leaves many motorists wondering what they can do to help prevent these accidents from occurring.

The Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys with Michigan Injury Lawyers point out one of the best ways to stay safe is by moving over at least one lane of traffic from a tractor-trailer that has stopped on the side of the road. Also, allow moving tractor-trailers plenty of space by following far enough away that you can see drivers’ rear view mirrors. Remember, if you can’t see the driver in the mirror, they can’t see you!