New Jersey Explosion Renders 20 Homes Uninhabitable

March 18, 2014 |
New Jersey Explosion Renders 20 Homes Uninhabitable
Scott Teresi

House fires can have a devastating effect on families who find themselves losing everything due to a force of nature that simply can’t be stopped. This happens all too often, but sometimes the fire can even spread to other homes and cause unbelievable amounts of damage.

A New Jersey neighborhood is coming to terms with this after a home explosion left 20 separate homes uninhabitable. A gas leak led to the explosion that killed one person and injured seven others who were working on the scene. According to reports, a contractor damaged the gas line, which led to the explosion and fire.

It isn’t known exactly what happened to cause it, but they also do not know if the woman who died did so as a result of the explosion or the gas leak itself. Investigations are ongoing while the displaced people are being housed at the fire house if they do not have anyone else that they can stay with nearby.

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