New Bill Offers Firefighters Presumptive Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Cancers

May 27, 2013 |
New Bill Offers Firefighters Presumptive Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Cancers

Controversy is swirling around a piece of legislation currently under consideration that would allow firefighters to receive Michigan Workers’ Compensation Benefits if and when they develop certain cancers. While some say the law would allow better healthcare coverage for those who sacrifice themselves for the safety of a community, others believe passing such a bill would be a financial burden to many communities.

An article published by the Lansing State Journal told the story of one firefighter whose life the bill could drastically change. The 36-year-old Sterling Heights man went to the doctor four years ago and was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. He believed his condition was the result of more than 16-years of fighting fires and filed for workers’ compensation benefits, but was denied because he couldn't prove the connection between his job and the cancer. Although his condition is now in remission, the man still faces daily kidney dialysis due to complications, leaving his family facing a more than $2,000 monthly insurance premium.

Under the new law, skin, brain, and kidney cancers are presumed to be caused by work-related hazards faced in the line of duty for firefighters. While the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill, others feel it could increase insurance premiums for departments by several thousand dollars per year.

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