Factors for Truck Accidents

Not only is the aftermath of truck accidents complicated due to strict industry rules and regulations, but their causes can be complex as well. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we know that negligent—or careless—behavior of truck drivers, truck companies, and other drivers can often lead to serious accidents and injuries.

If you were injured in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, our Michigan truck accident lawyers are here to help. We know that truck accident claims require in-depth investigations, and we have the experience, resources, and confidence to get it done. Don’t face your accident alone—dial (888) 454-0801 or fill out a free initial consultation form, and get our law firm on your side.

Our Law Firm Knows Truck Accidents

At Michigan Injury Lawyers, our Detroit truck accident lawyers have helped many seriously injured victims whose truck accidents were caused by:

  • Truck No-Zones
    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, no-zones are dangerous blind spots along the front, back, and sides of big trucks that may contribute to accidents.
  • Excessive driving hours
    Fatigued and sleep-deprived truck drivers who exceed daily driving limits often suffer from delayed reaction times and poor judgment skills, putting the safety of others on the road at risk.
  • Poor maintenance
    Trucking companies sometimes keep old and worn-out trucks on the road to cut costs—but these trucks are often dangerous to operate.
  • Driving under the influence
    Drivers who have consumed alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel are more likely to cause serious accidents.

No matter what caused your truck accident, our law firm has what it takes to help you move forward with your life. At Michigan Injury Lawyers, we’ll fight for you every step of the way.

Helping You Get the Money You Deserve

Our Detroit truck accident attorneys know what to look for after your truck accident to determine who was responsible—such as the trucking company, manufacturer of the truck, truck driver, or another driver. You shouldn’t have to pay for medical bills and vehicle repairs after an accident that wasn’t your fault. Let the legal professionals at Michigan Injury Lawyers help you get the money you deserve. Call today.