Michigan Man Killed in Lawnmower Accident

May 31, 2013 |
Michigan Man Killed in Lawnmower Accident

May 31, 2013

A 76-year-old man died after sustaining Catastrophic Personal Injuries as the result of a lawn tractor accident last week. Reports indicate that the incident occurred just before 3 p.m. last Monday afternoon at the man’s home on Bad Axe Road in Bingham Township, Michigan.

According to an article published by The Huron Daily Tribune, the victim had been mowing grass near his residence. A short time later, a witness found the victim pinned beneath the lawnmower in a roughly 8 foot deep ditch. Rescue crews were called to the scene but were unable to revive the man.

The fatal accident highlights the importance of safety when mowing grass as the weather begins to warm and the activity becomes a regular chore. Experts say one of the most important keys to safety is to never allow children near a mower. No child under the age of 16 should operate a mower and kids should be kept at least 50 yards from a running lawnmower.

It is also important to be vigilant of steep inclines or declines when mowing, as hills can easily cause a mower to topple over. Those who operate a mower should wear ear and eye protection at all times as well.

The Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys with Michigan Injury Lawyers are hopeful these tips will be successful in helping to prevent accidents involving lawnmowers this summer.