Improvements Aimed at Reducing Bicycle Accident Numbers

August 2, 2013 |
Improvements Aimed at Reducing Bicycle Accident Numbers

August 2, 2013

Michigan citizens are injured or killed each year as the result of Michigan Bicycle Accidents. Now, the state and its lawmakers are working to reduce this number by implementing several strategies focused on improving the state’s infrastructure and raising awareness about the importance of sharing the road.

According to records from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, the National Reauthorization Transportation Bill will give more than $22 million to the state in order to build recreational trails, safe routes to schools, and other enhancements in order to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Several groups also participated in bicycle awareness month last May. The activities that were conducted include an advocacy day and several rides, along with the distribution of press releases offering safety tips to cyclists and motorists. Several public safety announcements were also broadcast across the state during the campaign.

Officials stated focus will remain on making cyclists aware of what side of the road they should travel on. Many cyclists attempt to ride against traffic, which is illegal. Cyclists should always remember to ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

The Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers with Michigan Injury Lawyers applaud the efforts being made to make Michigan’s roads and highways safer for cyclists and pedestrians. The firm is hopeful the new strategies will be effective in reducing the annual number of bicycle accidents.