Social Security Disability (SSD)
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Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

If you’re disabled and can no longer work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can provide financial support for you and your family. But the Social Security Administration (SSA) may take months to review your application for benefits. And if your claim is denied, you can face lengthy delays while your appeal is processed. That’s why it’s important to file your claim for SSD benefits as soon as possible.

At Michigan Injury Lawyers, our Social Security Disability benefits lawyers want to help you get the SSD benefits you’re owed. We have the legal knowledge and experience to build a strong SSD claim on your behalf. Contact us today—just dial (888) 454-0801 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

What You Need to Apply for SSD Benefits

When you’re preparing your application for SSD benefits, you’ll need to gather proof of your identity, finances, medical history, and past employment, such as:

  • checking account and bank routing numbers
  • details about any insurance or workers’ compensation claims you’ve filed
  • laboratory and medical test results
  • marriage and divorce dates
  • military service discharge information (Form DD 214) for all periods of active duty
  • names, addresses, phone numbers, patient id numbers, and treatment dates for all medical facilities where you’ve been treated
  • names and birth dates of your spouse and minor children
  • names of medications you’re taking and who prescribed them
  • work history for the last 15 years before you were unable to work
  • your Social Security number

Our SSD benefits attorneys can help you collect the evidence necessary to file your social security disability claim.

Helping You File Your SSD Claim

You’ve paid into the Social Security system out of your taxes for years—now let us help you get the benefits you’re owed. Whether you need help filing your SSD application or you’ve been denied and you’re facing an appeal, Michigan Injury Lawyers is here to help. Give us a call today.