Fear Keeps Many Americans from Reporting Job Injuries

January 27, 2014 |
Fear Keeps Many Americans from Reporting Job Injuries

Have you suffered from some sort of injury on the job but were afraid to report it to your supervisor?  Well, you aren’t alone.  According to a survey that came out recently, if you didn’t report your injury you are part of the nearly 10 percent of adult workers today in the United States who also did not report their injuries for fear of retaliation, such as being harassed, passed over for promotion or even fired.  The survey split down the middle with equal numbers of men and women surveyed stating that they never reported their injuries and 3 percent of those surveyed have received more than one injury on the job that were never disclosed to their chain of command.

The list of injuries includes everything from slip-and-fall sprains to repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, all the way to workplace violence and physical assaults.  Yet the fear of reprisal and the fear of losing their job kept workers silent and in pain, afraid to speak out.

In 2012 alone there were over 3 million reported workplace injuries and illnesses. Don’t be one of the 10 percent, silent and afraid.  The lawyers here at Michigan Injury Lawyers are ready and willing to fight for the rights of the injured and the innocent.  Don’t let an injury that keeps you out of work keep food from your table or cause you to lose the house over your head.  Our knowledgeable, experienced legal attorneys will make it their mission to help you today.