Birth Injuries: Extending Beyond Cerebral Palsy

by wpengine | December 16th, 2016

Cerebral Palsy is one of the most well-recognized and common birth injuries. The effects of cerebral palsy can differ significantly from child to child, however, the condition can cause complications and impairments for a child’s entire life. Aside from cerebral palsy, there are many other types of birth injuries that can injure your newborn. The following are only a few injuries that can affect your child besides cerebral palsy.

  • Brain bleeds – Subdural hemorrhages and subarachnoid hemorrhages can cause heightened intracranial pressure and may require surgery. Some victims of bleeding on the brain will suffer seizure disorders and other complications.
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Drivers are Playing Pokémon GO Behind the Wheel

by wpengine | December 8th, 2016

Smartphones and driving do not mix. Activities such as texting, reading email, browsing the internet, or even dialing a phone number can be distracting and take a driver’s focus off of the road. As if the potential for distraction was not already great enough, a new and popular app known as Pokémon GO has given drivers another reason to be distracted, and people playing the game while driving has already been linked to several accidents (for example, here and here).

What Makes the Game So Distracting?

In a traditional video game, users sit in front of a screen and … Read More

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Accidents at Intersections: Who is at Fault?

by wpengine | December 6th, 2016

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a large percentage of motor vehicle collisions happen at intersections. There are many different reasons why vehicles traveling through intersections may be involved in a crash and many of them involve the negligence of others. The following are some examples of the common causes of intersection collisions:

  • Violating traffic signals – Michigan traffic law mandates that drivers follow all traffic signals and signs. These can include stoplights, stop signs, yield signs, do not enter signs, right turn only signs, and more. Running a red light or violating a traffic sign
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Did Your Doctor Fail to Order a Needed Cesarean Section?

by wpengine | December 1st, 2016

A Cesarean section – or C-section – is a method of giving birth when a vaginal birth is potentially risky or impossible. While there are safety benefits to C-sections, there is also a significantly longer recovery time as the procedure constitutes major surgery. There are also complications that may occur and put the mother’s life in danger. That being said, a C-section is necessary in many situations and a medical professional should recognize when it is time to order the procedure.

C-sections can be planned well in advance of the delivery date due to foreseen possible complications or health conditions … Read More

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Will Your Truck Accident Claim go to Trial?

by wpengine | November 29th, 2016

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that an estimated 82,000 crashes occurred in 2014 that involved large commercial trucks. Many victims of these accidents sustain serious injuries and exercise their rights to seek compensation from the trucking company, the truck driver, or any other responsible parties. This involves filing a claim alleging personal injury with the civil courts in Michigan.

When you think of court cases, you likely think of a trial in front of a jury and a judge, in which attorneys are dramatically arguing with one another. However, very few cases actually go to trial and … Read More

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