Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Lansing?

January 5, 2024 | Thomas L. Stroble
Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Lansing?

Most people in Lansing and around Michigan rely on private vehicles to get where they need to go. Driving is convenient and easier than public transportation, but unfortunately, Lansing has its share of car accidents.

Find out about Lansing’s most common accident areas and other important auto accident information below. If you were in a car accident recently caused by another driver, Lansing auto accident attorneys can seek the compensation you need to recover.

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Dangerous Roads And Intersections In Lansing, Michigan 

Lansing is a busy, growing community, and more accidents occur daily as more people move here. Some of the most common accident areas include the following:

  • I-496 and US-127 Interchange: Auto accident statistics show that the interchange where these busy roads merge near downtown is among the most dangerous for local drivers. The downtown region’s traffic and heavy traffic on these busy roads make the area hazardous. Drive slowly and defensively in this area!
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard: This busy road has three traffic lanes through most of town. Buses often stop on the road, and businesses on both sides make the road busy day and night. There also are many distracted drivers, and you should watch for vehicles at these intersections with MLK Blvd: West Saint Joseph Street, West Main Street, West Oakland Avenue, and West Holmes Street. 
  • Saginaw Street: This busy road in Lansing Township has many dangerous intersections, especially near Homer Street and Frandor Avenue East. There have been dozens of accidents near Frandor Ave, making it one of the town’s most hazardous driving areas. 
  • Jolly Road: Drivers on this road, especially around South Cedar, should also be on the lookout for aggressive drivers. There have been 41 auto accidents in this intersection in the last year. 
  • Coolidge Road: This road also has several hazardous stretches, especially when you come to Lake Lansing Road. This area has many restaurants, grocery stores, and other popular businesses, so you may see a lot of traffic. 

If you are in an accident on or near these busy roads in Lansing, you should get to safety as soon as possible. If the accident isn’t serious, move your vehicle out of traffic and wait for the police to arrive. You should speak to a Lansing car accident attorney to find out if you have a case. If the other driver caused the accident, your attorney can help ensure that you get the most compensation for your losses through a claim or, in some cases, a personal injury lawsuit.

What To Know About Car Accidents In Michigan?

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If you are in an accident in Lansing or elsewhere in Michigan, it is important to understand the state’s car accident and insurance laws. Michigan law states that you must report any accident that causes injury or death or results in more than $1,000 in damages. The driver isn’t usually required to file a report, but you should tell the police about an accident.

After a car accident, you must check if other drivers suffered an injury. If the accident has severe damage and injuries, you must call the police. You also should not leave the scene until the police authorize it. Or, you can be charged with hit and run.

Next, you should know that Michigan has a no-fault accident law, which affects how you obtain compensation for your injuries and damages. No-fault means all parties involved in a crash in Michigan are entitled to compensation from their respective auto insurance companies, regardless of fault.

After a car accident, you should report it immediately to your insurance provider. Your auto insurance company must provide Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to cover some or all of your accident injuries and losses. PIP covers the following losses up to policy limits:

  • Medical expenses
  • Mileage for driving to doctor appointments
  • Lost income, up to a monthly maximum 
  • Replacement services

You can choose a variety of coverage levels with your PIP coverage, including unlimited, $50,000, $250,000, and $500,000. If you have Medicare, you may waive medical benefits.

If you suffered a severe injury or a loved one was killed in the accident, you may be allowed to go outside the Michigan no-fault system and file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. However, you must show that someone died or that you suffered a significant injury that affects a body system that alters how you live your life.

For example, suppose another driver hit you on MLK Blvd. in Lansing, and you lost your arm when it was crushed between the vehicles in the crash. This is a major injury that affects your ability to live a normal life, so it will typically allow you to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your Lansing car accident attorney can advise whether your injuries are serious enough to allow you to file a lawsuit. We offer more information below about proving you have a serious enough injury to file a lawsuit.

More Information About Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Michigan

After any car accident in Michigan, the first step is to alert your auto insurance company and apply for your No-Fault benefits (if you have trouble getting your insurance company to cover your losses, contact a Lansing car accident attorney for guidance). If your injuries are severe enough, you can retain an attorney to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. However, understand several things about lawsuits and no-fault insurance that we detail here:

You Must Demonstrate Actual Impairment

The purpose of the Michigan no-fault law is to reduce the number of car accident lawsuits clogging local court systems. Thus, you must prove that you have a ‘serious impairment of body function’ to qualify to file a lawsuit. MCL 500.3135 states that serious impairment of body function satisfies these rules:

  • The injury is observable and perceivable from your symptoms by someone other than you. 
  • The injury is an impairment of a critical body function of significant value or importance to you. 
  • It affects your ability to live a normal life. The injury can be temporary, and there is no legal requirement for how long it must be. 

These rules make clear that you must demonstrate impairment to another person for the injury to be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit. How do you show impairment? The more ways you can prove that your injury affects your normal life, the easier it will be to qualify to file a lawsuit. If you suffered an injury and filed suit, the court will look at your medical treatments, time off work, and whether the injury affected your ability to enjoy daily activities and hobbies.

You Have Only One Year To Ask For No-Fault Benefits

No-fault insurance covers your initial injuries after a car accident, no matter who was at fault. You must file a benefits application with your auto insurance company within a year to obtain your benefits. If you wait a year to file your application, you also will be barred from filing a lawsuit.

You Have Only Three Years To File A Lawsuit For Pain And Suffering

If you were seriously hurt in the accident and have pain and suffering, you have just three years from the date of injury to file a lawsuit. But you may have less time than that. The reason is that many accident victims have uninsured and underinsured insurance coverage. These coverages may have notice rules for less than a year in a no-fault case or less than three years for filing a pain and suffering lawsuit.

If you are hurt in a crash, immediately refer to your auto insurance policy to determine the notice requirements. Lansing car accident attorneys can also provide information about your filing deadlines.

Document Injuries On Your No-Fault Benefits Application 

If you have any injury after the accident, no matter how minor, report it on your no-fault benefits application. If you have any part of your body that hurts, if your head aches a bit, if your neck hurts, report it to your doctor and put it on the application for benefits.

The problem is that some injuries might not be reported initially because the victim and their doctor didn’t notice them. A common example is a traumatic brain injury that doesn’t show initial symptoms. Coverage can be denied later if you don’t fully disclose all possible injuries in your no–fault benefits application.

Don’t Hide Anything During The Accident Investigation 

If you have injuries from a Lansing car crash, never hide anything from insurance companies, adjusters, doctors, or attorneys. It can torpedo your ability to receive fair compensation if you don’t tell the truth.

Telling the truth might sound obvious, but experience shows that many injury victims damage their case by hiding something. Receiving fair compensation in a lawsuit often comes down to the victim being credible and likable. Jurors must believe in you if they are going to provide you with financial assistance. Juries usually give more money to people they trust, believe, and like.

Your entire medical history can be an issue in a personal injury lawsuit. So, if you have a pre-existing injury to your back and your back suffered an injury in the accident, don’t try to hide your medical past. Opposing counsel and the insurance company will find it if an injury appears in your medical or work history. If it turns out you tried to hide your old back injury, it can destroy your lawsuit.

Always tell the truth to the best of your knowledge, and inform your attorney of anything that can affect your case. Even if you believe the information can damage your ability to get compensation, it’s always better to give your attorney plenty of warning. That way, they can build the case with its weaknesses in mind. If your attorney is blindsided at trial by an old injury you didn’t disclose, they may do nothing to salvage the case.

Misrepresenting Anything Can Forfeit Your Right To Sue

If you make any misrepresentation to your insurance company, it can be the reason to cancel the policy when you file for benefits. For instance, the insurance company isn’t obligated to pay your no-fault benefits if you lied about where the car is primarily driven or didn’t tell the insurance company that other drivers use the vehicle.

If you are hurt in a car accident and lied during the insurance application, it can ruin your chances of obtaining fair compensation in a lawsuit. So, always tell the truth to the insurance company.

The Insurance Company May Watch You

If you suffered a severe injury in a Michigan car accident and file suit, you can expect the defense to watch you. This means they can have a private investigator stake out your house and watch for anything that suggests you aren’t as injured as you claim. For example, all it can take is for someone with a back injury to take out the trash in the morning. Maybe you didn’t have anyone to help you do it that day, so you gritted your teeth and took it out so the trash service would pick it up. If you forget this detail during the deposition, opposing counsel can say they watched you take out the garbage, so your back isn’t really injured.

Just assume that when you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, the other person’s insurance company is watching you. Don’t do anything that can suggest you aren’t as injured as you claim. Your attorney can advise you on activities you should not engage in as the lawsuit proceeds.

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Car accidents occur far too often in Lansing, and if it happens to you, it can be the most upsetting day of your life. After a devastating car accident with injuries and property damages, you may be overwhelmed with pain and uncertainty. Who should you contact for medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering assistance? If another driver caused the accident, a Lansing car accident attorney can file a claim or lawsuit. Contact the trusted Michigan personal injury attorney today for a complimentary legal consultation.

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