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Johnson & Johnson has marketed baby powder and other talcum-based products to women and children for over a century. Because talc is the softest mineral known, it has been used for various personal hygiene purposes, especially by women, for many years. Specifically, women have used powders such as “Shower to Shower” on and around their genital area for cooling and odor-control purposes. Johnson & Johnson marketed these powders as safe for this purpose, however, now the company is facing several lawsuits by women claiming serious injury from talc-based products.

The link between talcum and ovarian cancer

Many different medical studies have linked the long-term use of talcum powders with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer in women. One medical theory is that talc travels to the ovaries and causes severe inflammation, which can lead to a substantially increased risk of developing cancer of the ovaries. An estimated 21,000 women are diagnosed each year with ovarian cancer in the United States and approximately 14,000 succumb to the disease on an annual basis. Some research suggests that about 10 percent of ovarian cancer cases can be linked to the use of talc products.

Though research regarding talcum and ovarian cancer has been ongoing since the 1970’s, Johnson & Johnson continued to market its talc-based powders as safe for use in women. Women who have no reason not to trust the company’s safety claims have, therefore, continued to use the products and have unknowingly increased their risk of this very dangerous type of cancer. Many women have begun joining class action lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson to obtain recovery for their losses associated with ovarian cancer.

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Though Johnson & Johnson and similar companies should be aware of the risks of talcum-based products, the companies still do not include warning labels on products and they continue to market these powders as safe for use in women. If you have used talcum powders and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you should not delay in discussing your situation with an experienced talc and ovarian cancer attorney at Michigan Injury Lawyers as soon as possible.  Call us today by dialing (313) GET-HELP now for a free consultation.