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Michigan Low Testosterone Therapy Attorneys

Over the past 15 years, the number of men diagnosed with low testosterone (“Low T”) and prescribed a form of low testosterone therapy has sharply increased. Such therapy can include a variety of products such as gels, injections, creams, and pills that are manufactured by a variety of pharmaceutical companies. Some Low T products include:

  • Androderm
  • AndroGel
  • Testopel
  • Striant
  • Bio-T-Gel
  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Axiron
  • Delatestryl
  • Testim
  • Fortesta

Is Low T therapy always necessary?

There is much disagreement in the medical profession regarding what testosterone level constitutes “normal” and “low,” and whether low testosterone therapy is truly necessary for the majority of users. Some symptoms presented in men using Low T products can include erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, hair loss, lowered bone density and muscle strength, fatigue, and more. However,  many of these symptoms may be the result of the natural reduction in testosterone due to age and not due to a medical problem.

Risks of low testosterone therapy

In addition to the questioned necessity of Low T therapy in many users, research has connected these products with a higher risk of serious adverse health events. The most common effects are cardiac related and include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Blood clots
  • Death

After medical researchers published studies regarding the increased incidence of heart attack and stroke for users of low testosterone therapy products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an official safety warning in early 2015 regarding these pharmaceuticals and required manufacturers to update warning labels to include information about heart attack and stroke. However, prior to this updated warning requirements, many men using Low T therapy products had already suffered serious injury and related losses because they were unaware of the dangers of these drugs.

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