Michigan Doctor Accused of Medical Malpractice Showed Similar Behavior In Other Cases

August 16, 2013 | Thomas L. Stroble
Michigan Doctor Accused of Medical Malpractice Showed Similar Behavior In Other Cases

August 16, 2013

In the wake of a Michigan doctor being charged with filing fraudulent Medicare claims after misdiagnosing patients with cancer and extending treatments for patients in order to collect kickbacks, it has come to light the doctor is no stranger to the courtroom.

Documents show the doctor has been accused of similar behavior in at least three other Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawsuits. The earliest case stem from 2007 when the doctor misdiagnosed a woman with cancer, causing her to undergo “toxic” and “dangerous” treatments. The woman became suspicious and sought a second and third opinion. That is when she discovered she was actually suffering from a fairly benign condition.

According to The Macomb Daily, the doctor faced another case two years later after failing to diagnose a patient with cancer in a timely manner. It was argued during the ensuing suit that if the doctor had acted appropriately in a timely manner, the woman’s life might have been extended.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed last year also names the doctor as a defendant. In that case, he is accused of failing to notify another physician of an elevated white blood cell count in a patient. Records state a more timely notification of the condition may have, again, saved a patient’s life.

The Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers with Michigan Injury Lawyers are aware of the trust we put into doctors who are caring for our health. The firm is hopeful decisions in these cases will bring some closure to the victims.

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