Michigan Auto Collisions And Facial Fractures

July 20, 2016 | Thomas L. Stroble
Michigan Auto Collisions And Facial Fractures
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A facial fracture is an injury to the face caused by a broken bone. There are many ways that these injuries occur. Motor vehicle accidents are one of these leading causes of cosmetic injuries to the face.

In a Michigan car accident, the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, and car seats are common parts of an automobile that can injure a face. Facial injuries might be minor, such as bruises or scrapes. However, severe injuries can occur, such as broken noses or broken teeth, vision loss, or burns and severe nerve damage.

Facial Fracture Symptoms

  • Facial Bone Fractures: Tenderness and swelling near an injury site is a common symptom of a facial fracture. Nosebleeds or nose deformities can occur on a fractured nose. Additionally, the nose’s internal bones can break, leading to further and continuous nosebleeds or nasal discharges.
  • Jaw Fractures: Pain or swelling within the jaw region are an indication of a jaw fracture. The injured person may not be able to bring their teeth together and may have bruising on the tongue. Fractures near the middle of the face may cause vision difficulties, bruising, nasal discharges, and being able to move facial bones. Cheek fractures can result in flattened cheeks, visual problems, lack of fluid jaw movement, cheek tenderness, and blood in or around the eye.
  • Orbital Fractures[2]: Sunken eyes can be an indication of an eye socket (orbital bone) fracture. Double vision and tender sensations near the eye are common complaints from people with these injuries. In addition, the inability to close one’s mouth or have jaw misalignment can occur from an orbital fracture.

Facial Fracture Treatments

Immediate medical attention should be sought after suffering a facial fracture, especially if you have a loss of consciousness. Treatment types will depend on how badly you are injured and which type of facial fracture you’ve endured. Stopping the bleeding will be the first concern of any doctor. For broken noses, swelling will have needed to have gone down before the nose is reset. Internal nose fractures will require an admittance to the hospital. Additionally, any bones than protrude through the facial skin should require hospitalization and a heavy dose of antibiotics. If breathing problems persist, such as in the case of fractures to the middle of the face, intubation can assist in getting a patient breathing regularly again. Cosmetic surgery may be required to correct any disfigurement due to injuries such as cheekbone fractures and injuries to the eye socket.

Contact a Michigan Auto Accident Injury Attorney

When a car collision causes a facial fracture, an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney can review your case and determine what individual or business entity may be responsible for your injuries, damages, and even lost wages. Call us today for immediate assistance. Call 313-GET-HELP for a free consultation.


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